University TEFL Job in China

Date posted:2012-05-24 | Writer: Huanghuai University | Email: [email protected]

Are you a TEFL qualified teacher looking for university teaching experience? Obtain it here at Huanghuai University in Zhumadian City, China.  At (5000--5500 RMB), live like a king in China and get that badly needed experience to teach at the next level. Sign a one year contract and get 45-50 days off in the summer and 1 month off in the winter with free campus housing for EFL teachers for the entire duration of the contract. During these vacation periods you can travel around Asia or go back home. We‘re looking for enthusiastic self starters to hit the ground running and develop a personalized curriculum from our text books.  Dress smart, be flexible, multi task and don’t be late. We may occasionally have someone come in and do a random observation, but it’s only because our boss is making us. You pay for the visa application at your end and we’ll pay to have it processed at our end to ultimately get you a foreign expert teaching visa for the year. You pay for the ticket here and back and we’ll reimburse you for them both 20 days before the ending date of the contract.  Our bonus is an original letter of recommendation on university letter head, signed and stamped by the Director of the Department of International Affairs, the Dean of the English Department and the Vice Chancellor of Huanghuai University.HHU requires our English teachers to have three of the following qualifications:1. Age: 24-55 whose passport is from the U.K, Australia, South Africa, Canada or the U.S.2. BA degree OR  TESOL/TEFL certificate and3. 1 year English teaching experience (verified by an official letter of employment on school letter head indicating dates, signed and stamped by said institution)The next semester starts promptly September 3rd, but takes about 1+ month to deal with the visa procedure, so usually we start recruiting new teachers in May and June. We need 3-4 more teachers for the coming academic school year at HHU.To register your interest, contact us at the e-mail address given on the job heading.

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Cultural awareness is probably one of the most important area when teaching students in a foreign country. No matter what kind of subject you ought to be teaching, ignorance of the cultural difference of your students or the organization could cause serious damage in starting one's career as a teacher in that country. It would be helpful to practice conservative manners before you enter the country.I`ve learned a lot about Past tenses. Past simple (affirmative, negative, question form) about its usage. And about regular and irregular verbs. Past continuous (affirmative, negative, question form) about its usage. Past perfect (affirmative, negative, question form) about its usage. Past perfect continuous (affirmative, negative, question form) about its usage. and about common mistakes and errors.