TEFL Job Teaching Young Learners in China

Date posted:2015-07-30 | Writer: Best Learning – Shenyang | Email: [email protected]

Best Learning - Shenyang (BLS) is a high-end English training-center in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. Our school is a franchise of Best Learning--our school shares the name, but differs greatly from our namesake! We are a team of committed teachers who work, play, and do things differently from other English schools in China. This TEFL job is not a typical "work in China" experience--when you come to BLS you become a top-notch EFL teacher, can save money, can travel the world, can grow as an individual, and can become part of a family that will yield life-long friendships.

BLS teaches English through a PK-Grade 6 program. Our classes are based on the American Primary School system. Students use an innovative and immersive McGraw-Hill program as the main curriculum to provide an engaging and effective learning experience in the classroom.

We are currently seeking passionate teachers to instruct students between the ages of three and thirteen. BLS strives to be the best English-language school in Shenyang. To do this, we require our TEFL teachers to be well-trained, enthusiastic, and committed to the vision of our school.

New teachers undergo initial training that includes an overview of our school and its' goals, an introduction to BLS' curriculum, and functional training to prepare new teachers for their first lessons in the classroom. New teachers also learn about our teaching methodologies, interactive white boards and educational technologies, and learn to write effective lesson plans upon arrival.

About Best Learning - Shenyang:

"Best Learning - Shenyang is a team. Beyond a team, we are a family. Outside of work, teachers from BLS hang out, travel, and experience the intricacies of China together. We are not independents. When you first arrive to BLS, you might think you are on your own. What you don't know is that there is family waiting for you. BLS is a wonderful company, full of amazing students and staff. The idea of finding a better school, with an incredible sense of unity, is impossible."

Salary Package:

The salary package for Foreign Teachers is enough to live comfortably in Shenyang, can be saved over the duration of the fifteen-month contract, and can be used to travel around the world during vacations and holidays.

In order to maintain the same standard of life (based on the Consumer Price Index) as you would have with 11,000 RMB per month in Shenyang, you would need: 13,181.83 RMB per month in Guangzhou, 21,034 RMB per month in Beijing, 21,188.87 RMB per month in Shanghai. For more information about the BLS salary package please see the contact information below.        

Position Requirements:

•             Passion for working with young learners

•             Enthusiastic, open-minded, and flexible workers

•             North American applicants only, please

•             Bachelor's degree

•             22-35 years of age

•             Two years of work experience (preferred)

•             Able to commit to a 15-month contract

•             100-hour TESOL/TEFL program (may be   completed during probationary period)

To Apply:

Contact us via email at the address given on the job heading.


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Material for the study was helpful and interesting. Description of different skills and specific examples of the application of these skills was clear for me. I would particularly like to mention the part where is described, that it is better rely in the choice of material for the classes. This will be useful in my work. As links to exercises that you can apply the lessons to develop skills.This unit covered the various forms of the past tense along with their usages and forms. The past simple form has many irregular verbs that don't follow the basic rules of 'ed' or \"ing\" verbs. What is helpful in these units are the common errors/ omissions sections of each form that allows the teacher to identify what a possible area of conflict might be with new English language learners.