TEFL in Yongkang, China

Date posted:2008-02-12 | Writer: Chinaivy Language Training Center | Email: [email protected]

Chinaivy Private School is looking for 1or 2 native English speakers with an outgoing personality and a sense of adventure to teach English for students and adults in YongKang City. We offer nice Pay. maximum 22 teaching periods per week (usually only 18 periods a week.) small class size. (average 8 students) Convenient to travel. Close to Shanghai & Hangzhou City. 

Chinaivy Language Training Center is a well-organized English training center located in YongKang City, Zhejiang Province, east of China. As the best private language school in Yongkang, here we keep our promises to our teachers and make sure they have a good time. 

Mainly teaching adults International Trading English (focus on Listening, Speaking)

Duration of contract: one year or half year contract

We offer
1. Comfortable local salary. Monthly salary: RMB 4,000
2. Performance based bonus.
3. Free accommodation & airfare allowance
4. Small class-size (average 8 students) so you can really teach and enjoy
5. 22 teaching hours a week only. Overtime salary for extra teaching hours.
6. Advanced IT/AV equipment and software with Internet accessibility
7. Free Chinese lessons arranged by the Chinese Partner as per request

You bring with you
1. Enthusiasm to teach
2. Experience teaching speaking & listening English
3. Great personality and easy-going mind
4. Skills to understand and code with press and different culture
5. BA degree and/or recognized ESL/TESL certificate

More about Yongkang
Yongkang is a small, clean, beautiful, friendly and prosperous city of about 200,000 people in the central Zhejiang province. Unlike Beijing or Shanghai where are already very western and high living cost, YongKang is more like the real China for you to explore. Good food (also including 2 KFCs, 1 Macdonald’s) and western-style coffee shops are everywhere. Besides, teachers will definitely like the rich after-school life: rock-climbing, hiking, cycling, drifting around YongKang river, and so on.

Actually, Yongkang is only 3 hours away to Hangzhou (one of the most beautiful city in China Mainland) by car, and 5 hours away to Shanghai (the most modern city in China Mainland).

Come and explore more by yourself.

Looking forward to your resume, a copy of current photo and a copy of passport page.

Detailed teaching contract available upon request.

BTW: our students only need native speakers from US/Canada/Australia/British/New Zealand.


Steven Lee
Director, ChinaIVY.com Private Language School

[email protected]

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Definition of past tense :a verb tense expressing action or state in or as if in the past: a :a verb tense expressive of elapsed time (such as wrote in \"on arriving I wrote a letter\") b :a verb tense expressing action or state in progress or continuance or habitually done or customarily occurring at a past time (such as was writing in \"I was writing while he dictated\" or loved in \"their sons loved fishing\")How your first lesson should be carried out is the most useful area of this unit,as teachers we all have to face that first lesson scenario many times in our career. Activities that could be carried out as warmers is a new area for me as i have not given much thought about warming up of a class,before i studied this unit. Overall i think this unit talk about many practical situations that a teacher needs to face.