TEFL in Yantai, China

Date posted:2005-10-13 | Writer: LanguBridge Education Centre | Email: [email protected]

Full time and part time English Teachers required in Yantai, (a beautiful coastal
 city of Eastern China). This is China's famous fruit and wine country. Travel to and from the city is convenient with flight to major cities in China and is only 1 hours flight from Beijing or Seoul, Korea.

Position #225: English Teacher at Yantai, China :

  Location: Yantai, China.

  Number of vacancies: 2

  Length of contract: 1 year

  Start Date: ASAP

  Salary: RMB5000 a month for the first 3 months

  (probationary period),

  RMB5500 for next three months, RMB6000 for the rest of the one year



 Single room in a shared furnished apartment with major


  Other benefits:

  Round trip air fare reimbursed.

  End of contract Bonus.

  10 days paid vacation, plus public holidays.

 Comprehensive medical insurance.


  Teach kids English, textbook provided but teachers are

  encouraged  to be

  creative in their lessons and activities.

 Teaching hours: maximum 20 contact hours per week.

  Workday: Monday-Friday during non-peak season.

  Workday: Monday-Saturday during peak season (June through

  August &

  January through February).



  An excellent command of native written and spoken English.

  Bachelor's degree. TEFL related certificate or teaching

  experience Experience with kids welcomed.

 To Apply:

  Please send cover letter and resume to

 [email protected]

  Please quote position number when applying

  Contact us

  (to be continued)

  Position #222: English Volunteer Teacher at Yantai (Living expenses

  covered) (Posted Oct 12, 2005)

  School: A public school (elementary and secondary)


  Location: Yantai, China.

  Number of vacancies: 3

  Length of contract: 3 - 4 months preferred.

  Start Date: any time

 Salary: Non-paid volunteer teaching position, good for

  gaining  short

  term China experience or teaching experience.


  Housing is covered. Single room in a shared furnished



  major electronics: air conditioning, computer, television,

 microwave, etc.

  Other benefits:

  Meals are covered.

  Health Insurance.

  A free tour in the province.


  Mainly teaching elementary or secondary students English,


  training classes to school local English teachers may needed.

  Textbook provided but teachers are encouraged to be creative in

  their lessons and activities.

  Teaching hours: 2 to 3 classes per day.

 Workday: Monday-Friday.


  An excellent command of native written and spoken English.

  TESL/TEFL certificate or university degree welcomed.

  To Apply:

  Please send cover letter and resume to

  [email protected]

  Please quote position number when applying

  Contact us

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This was another tough unit. It was very informative about the kinds of past tenses, and when/how they should be used. It also taught the different structures of these tenses and how to know which one you are dealing with. It also had a good list of irregular verbs to keep in mind. Again I did find this unit somewhat confusing and the test questions aren't terribly clear and feel like they could have more than one answer.Past tense is similar with present tense we learnt before, and it is very useful when we talking to describe past action. There have four different tenses introduced in this unit, past simple, past continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous, each of them has it's situation that we should use. After finished this unit, I was more clear and easy to clarify the different of past tense, and know how to use it correctly.