TEFL in Shenyang, China

Date posted:2006-10-04 | Writer: Talenty International Education | Email: [email protected]

Talenty is looking for motivated individuals to work as English teachers or school managers in our friendly team.

Talenty schools have been issued with permission by the Chinese bureau to offer employment to foreigners. We welcome people who speak native English with good educational background and mature attitude to teaching.

We take care of foreign staff seriously, and pay accordingly to make their daily lives very comfortable in China.

We offer benefits to all foreign staff, including free housing, monthly transportation and telephone allowances, proper medical coverage, overtime payment, four weeks of vacation a year, one-way or round trip airfare, free Chinese tutoring assistance with the 'Z' visa and permit .

We often arrange activities for the foreign staff and they could discuss the teaching methods, the ways of communication with children and other things they are interested in together. Sometimes, they travel around the city for sightseeing. They also  study Chinese with our Chinese teachers.Â

You will have the work visa before you enter China.The school will pay 5200 Yuan a month and you will reimburse your airfares and the bills of your phones and taxis.The school will pay you 2000 Yuan a year to pay your medicines and 1000 Yuan each month to pay your apartment.You will have four-week paid vacation.

More information please contact 1300-242-5111 or send an email to nanj[email protected]Â , or visit the web at: Contact us

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


The unit topic is conditionals and reported speech; grammar-conditionals(zero condition, first condition, second condition, third condition and mixed condition) their form, usage, examples and teaching ideas. Reported speech and direct speech; verb tenses, pronouns, time expressions(active speech and reported speech), the potential mistakes students make using it. Reporting verbs how to use it and the teaching ideas.Having never taught professionally before I was unaware what type of issues I might find in the classroom. I was thankful that this unit covered common issues that teachers run into and proposed solutions. Use of native language is an issue I was especially worried about, since I only speak English, but I was relieved that the tips did not include attempting to converse with the student in his or her native language.