TEFL in Hangzhou, China

Date posted:2004-08-12 | Writer: Leslie Tye-Parsons | Email: [email protected]

Hangzhou is a beautiful city, 2 hours south west of Shanghai. It is built around the famous West Lake which is dotted by tea houses and gardens and offers a peaceful place in the middle of a city. We are a modern, well organised private school with 8 foreign teachers. We have an immediate vacancy for a native speaking English teacher to join our experienced team in teaching oral English to adult Chinese students. Contract is full time for 1 year - 40 hours/week: 25 hours contact time, remainder admin/research time.

You should be enthusiastic and have the ability to movitate students. Complete syllabus is provided though teachers are expected to write some lessons. We offer programs from Beginners to Advanced Business.

Native English speaker with at least Bachelor's Degree (experience with people preferred)
plus TESOL or TEFL qualification

We offer:
7, 500 RMB basic monthly salary (one month probationary period), plus
1, 500 RMB monthly housing allowance
2 days off per week
Free Chinese lessons
Return air fare paid after 12 months satisfactory service (if recruited from outside China; 1 way if recruited within China)
Paid National Holidays

Please contact Teacher Manager, Leslie Tye-Parsons, on 0086 571 8369 3353 for furthr information or email resume and photo to [email protected] You are also free to speak to any of our foreign teachers.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Modal verbs can be a very powerful grammatical tool, as they allow the speaker to express varying degrees of aspects such as certainty and capability. Passive voice is used when the agent of the action of a sentence is either less important or unknown. Phrasal verbs are useful and sound natural, so it is in a teacher's interest to use them in conversation with students, so that the students will be able to pick them up naturally.The major point of this unit is the make learning fun and interesting by choosing your teaching materials carefully. Keeping in mind the students skill level and interest. Course books can be a more structured with lesson plans in a set order. However, some people will become disinterested due to their general topics. Using created and or authentic materials keeps the lesson relative to the student's interests and skill level.