TEFL in Dailin, China

Date posted:2003-07-15 | Writer: American Educational Services Inc. | Email: [email protected]

September 3rd start:

Please contact Linda at [email protected] for an information e-mail.
You can also call Michael Wisner in the USA at 908-835-8227 or Bruce Blanch in China at 86-411-376-9075 for more information.

We require:
Native speakers of English at least 21 years old
Bachelor's Degree or higher
Teaching experience or training period at the school
Must be willing to teach both children and adult classes

We offer
Full time one year teachers:
6, 000 RMB monthly base salary paid for up to 25 hours per week
$1000-1250 US travel bonus after completion of one year contract; $300 US for 6 months
Any hours over 25 are paid 90 RMB per hour
Free Chinese Classes
Free Internet
Apartment with private bedroom (at no cost to teacher)
Utility Allowance
Television, microwave, water dispenser
Basic health insurance for one year teachers only
2 days off each week
Visa sponsorship

Part time one year teachers:
3, 500 RMB monthly salary for a 15 hour work week
4 days off each week
Any hours over 15 are paid 90 RMB per hour
Free Chinese Classes
Apartment with private bedroom (at no cost to teacher)
Utility Allowance
2, 000 RMB bonus after one year
Free Internet
Visa sponsorship

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit discusses the seven future tenses of English. They are: Future Simple (I will read soon), Future Continuous (I'll be reading soon), Future Perfect (By 2020, I will have read 10,000 books), Future Perfect Continuous (By 2020, I will have been teaching for 20 years), Going to Future (I'm going to read a novel tonight), Present Simple (She teaches here on Thursdays), and Present Continuous (She's teaching the class tonight).The last unit of the CTBE course, unit six, the business English world, provides some wonderful examples of resumes, cover letters, websites, and general rules when entering the \"Teaching of English World\". The questions to bear in mind when attempting to find employment were the most helpful to me. I had always intended to work freelance, but I may now consider a different option. Many thanks for this course - I really enjoyed it.