TEFL in China / Zhuhai

Date posted:2004-05-10 | Writer: Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus, Faculty o | Email: [email protected]

Zhuhai Campus is a branch of Beijing Normal University in Beijing, endorsed
by China Education Ministry and is located in the beautiful seashore city of
Zhuhai adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao.

In order to create the best English learning atmosphere for the students, we
would like to recruit full-time native English speakers to work at the
University in Zhuhai for the academic period of September 2004 to July 2005.
We sincerely welcome you to join us!

Employment Duties: 16 to 20 hours of teaching per week plus three academic activities per semester, such as lectures or related activities.

Monthly salary (before income tax):
16 teaching hours per week 6, 000 yuan
18 teaching hours per week 7, 000 yuan
20 teaching hours per week 8, 000 yuan

Bonuses may be paid depending on teaching performance.

Air tickets:
One-way air ticket upon completion of one academic year contract with the
maximum amount of USD $800.

Accommodations: Free individual apartment on campus with furniture, utensils
and other facilities. Teachers will pay the bills for gas, electricity,
water and telephone.

Medical care: Health insurance.

For more information and photos of the BNU Zhuhai campus visit < Contact us>

To submit an application, please email a cover letter, a
resume detailing relevant experience and qualifications
and a photo to:

Wayne Smith
Email : [email protected]
Telephone: 86-756-612-6257

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit made me think about what texts and resources should be used for the different levels of learners. I found the difference between authentic and non-authentic texts interesting as I have never thought in depth about this before. I think you would have to be very careful when choosing authentic texts as you need to make sure the context and language is going to be understood by the level of learners you are pitching it too.This unit covers different class management aspects, how to establish rapport/ arrange the class and how to use gestures, eye contact and voice effectively. I have learnt about the pros and cons and when to use each way of managing the class, how to arrange the class well depending on different factors, such as the students' age and personalities and a useful way to prevent or deal with behaviour problems that can occur in class.