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The school has been in business in Tianjin for over 10 years. It was

originally established in America under the New Bridge University in

Los Angeles California. The first school established in China is

located in Beijing China and has been in business for over 10 years.

The school in Tianjin is a small independently run branch of the

school in Beijing. New Bridge English School is a family-like Language

Institute located in the Downtown Tianjin area of China. It has been

in business for over 10 years also and mainly focuses on teaching

American English to Local Chinese people. All upper level classes are

taught by Native English speakers all with TEFL or TESOL licenses. The

schools' levels are Level ABC, Oral and Listening English Level 1 to

Level 6. The student can receive a completion certificate after

completing level 6.� Level ABC is usually taught by an English teacher

who is able to speak Chinese. Currently this level is being taught by

local staff who are trained in English. Level 1 to Level 6 is taught

by Native English Foreign Teachers from U.S.A., Canada, U.K. and

Australia. We currently have about 5 teachers in the school. Only one

is a full-time teacher.



2.�������� Health conditions and precautions to take in the new area

Upon arrival in China or before departing to come to China, the

Teacher must obtain a full physical check up as part of the

requirement to receive a visa for one year or longer. No other health

conditions apply. Tianjin is an urban city and like any other city

there are dangers, you must be careful at night and take care of your

personal things.� However, Tianjin is famous for being the safest city

in China. In case of illness, there are many local hospitals around

Tianjin, our local staff will be happy to assist in translating.


3.�������� Understanding the teaching contract and terms

The contract for full-time teacher is for up to 80 hours a month of

class hours, for 7000RMB (Chinese Yuan) per month. This salary

includes 1600RMB to go toward living expenses. Each additional hour

after the 80 hours will be paid 100RMB per hour. If for any reason the

teacher doesn�t show up for the class without contacting the school,

the teacher will be fined 500RMB per class hour missed and an extra

class must be taught for each missed class. If the teacher cannot

attend the class due to sickness or other reason and notifies the

school in advance the school will deduct 100RMB per class hour to pay

for a substitute teacher to cover for the class. The teacher can find

their own substitute teacher at their own expense if that substitute

is cleared by the school before teaching the classes. For every three

times the teacher is more than 5 minutes late for class the teacher

will be fined 200RMB for keeping the students waiting and may be asked

to teach an extra class to make up the time. All staff and teachers of

the school are paid the following month in cash on the 10th of the

month. The school will support all fees and handling of visa

arrangements for full-time teachers. Part-time teachers will not be

sponsored a visa by the school. The contract for full-time teacher is

one year upon signing of contract. Two months before the end of the

contract the teacher will be asked if they want to extend their

contract, change to part-time or terminate their contract. All

necessary arrangement will be made after this decision is made by the

teacher. All teachers are asked to complete the term they are teaching

before leaving the school permanently for any reason. The school has

regular classes from 9am to 9pm every weekday and 9am to 5pm every

Saturday. There are no regular classes in the afternoon or on Sundays.


4.�������� Information about the students they will be expected < "Times New Roman">to teach

< "Times New Roman">(Ages, levels, etc.) The students range from age 5 to 65. However,

< "Times New Roman">most of the students are adults or university students.


5.�������� Financial stability of the school

The school has been in business in Tianjin for over 10 years. It was

originally established in America under the New Bridge University in

Los Angeles California. The first school established in China is

located in Beijing China and has been in business for over 10 years

also. The school in Tianjin is a small branch of the school in Beijing

but it is family-like and very close. The school has up to 2 full-time

teachers at a time, and the rest are all part-time teachers. After

both full-time teachers schedules are filled the part-time teachers

will be assigned classes. Full-time teachers will always have classes

every term unless they request to take a leave of absence. Payment of

teachers takes priority over payment of local staff. The school is

growing rapidly and is in need of another full-time teacher at the



6.�������� Housing information

The School does NOT provide housing, but will include 1600RMB per

month for living expenses for full-time teachers only. If requested,

the school will help the teacher find affordable housing near the

school. If the teacher is coming from abroad, the school might be able

to arrange a temporary place to stay with the local staff for the

first few days until housing is found.� Average rent in Tianjin

downtown area ranges from around 700RMB to 1800RMB for a 2 bedroom

apartment, some with furniture and TV.


7.�������� Access to other native or English speakers in the area

As Tianjin is a urban city it is abundant with foreigners. There are

many clubs and bars where many foreigners like to hang-out. Although

the foreigners come from all over the world, most of them can speak

English. Tianjin is the 2008 Olympic Site for soccer, so there are

many foreigners here already and more expected to be coming for the

Olympics in Beijing and Tianjin. Tianjin is located just 2 hours drive

from Beijing.� All the teachers at New Bridge are Native English

Speakers, so it is also easy to become close friends with each other

while working at the school.


8.�������� Availability for communication with home (access to internet,

phone, post, >etc.) There are several ways to contact family aboard.

Since Tianjin is a urban city, the teacher can apply for internet

access at their home and use their own computer to connect. There are

also many Internet Bars all over Tianjin, they are very inexpensive

and are equipped with microphone and camera so you can call or chat

online with your family. Everyone can buy a mobile phone or use a

public telephone and buy pre-paid calling cards at any local vendor to

call home. There are post offices in every district which are open

everyday except Chinese National Holidays. The school has a computer

which is connected to the internet and can be used to check email if

needed. Please be aware that China restricts several free sites, for

example Google, so some teachers may not be able to access free

internet mails. We are able to check HOTMAIL and YAHOO mail.


9.�������� Opportunities for travel within the country while teaching

Every term is 2 months long and ends on Wednesday of the 8th week of

the term. When the term is completed the following term will start on

Monday the following week. All Chinese holidays and anytime the

teacher does not have any classes, is an opportunity to travel.

Tianjin is very close to Beijing, so it is very convenient to travel

around China. If the full time teacher wishes to take a long leave of

absence, it can be arranged easily, provided an approved substitute is

found for the classes which will be missed. The school does not have

any regular classes on Sundays.


10.������� Information about the living conditions in the area.

Tianjin is a developing city, and the fourth largest city in China. It

has a population of over 9 million people. As Tianjin is an Olympic

site for the 2008 Olympic Soccer games, it is currently getting a

face-lift and there are many changes taking place everyday. There is

an extensive established bus system which with one fare can take you

from the beginning to the end of each bus route. This year an

underground railway system will open first with only one line going

across downtown Tianjin however, plans are already in motion to expand

the system.


If there are any more questions please ask.





Tom apply contact �Ricki Ebihara at �� [email protected]






Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit covered the best general methods for teaching a new language to students. The are many factors to consider when teaching new vocabulary, grammar, and functions. Each presents challenges for students, for example, if vocabulary is dissimilar with a students native language then it generally takes longer to learn. We went over how to incorporate vocab, grammar, and functions into different ESA lesson structures.Teaching pronunciation and Phonology is too much to grasp at first and information was overwhelm for me. However lesson was interesting and also will help me to teach the students. Teaching techniques for the pronunciation of individual sounds was very helpful as well. Especially reading phonetic scrip was fun for me. I think it will take time to make all these information as mine to freely deliver in the classroom.