TEFL in China (Korla)

Date posted:2003-08-15 | Writer: Circle English | Email: [email protected]

Company Name: Circle English
Description of Company: Circle English is an English Language training centre (run jointly byBritish and local people). We provide classes to small groups for intensive training of oral English.
Web Address: Contact us
E-mail: info@circleenglish

Where are we: We are in Korla, a city right on the old Silk Road in the far western province of Xinjiang in China. Xinjiang borders on Russia, Tibet, Khazakstan, Pakistan. It has amazingly beautiful grasslands and dessertland as well as the remains of ancient settlements and cities.

Vacancy Details: We have several vacancies coming up for English language teachers. Some of the work will be in our own school teaching English intensively to small groups and there will be some teaching in a local secondary school to larger groups.Ideally we want TEFL qualified teachers or teachers with teaching experience. Most importantly you need a sense of adventure and be excited by the idea of being in one of the most remote but fascinating parts of the world.

Conditions: 4500RMB salary per month plus accommodation and airfare (subject to certain conditions).
Contact Name: David Symington
Type of Business: English Training Centre
Application Method/futher information: Apply by email to [email protected] or
via the website

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit I have gained greater insight into the fundamentals of teaching and understanding receptive skills, listening and reading, and the different elements of these receptive skills. By gaining this knowledge I have a better understanding of how to teach these skills, ensuring interest in selected texts, varied depending on students, whether a text should be authentic and when and how to apply these skills to a ESA class plan.From this unit I have learned key techniques to use to establish a good relationship with students. The teacher student relationship needs to be precise and flexible at the same time in order to maximize mutual respect and cultivate an open, relaxed learning environment. I also learned tips on how to maximize student talk time and how the teacher should position themselves and the student physically in a range of different scenarios.