TEFL in China / Changchun

Date posted:2004-04-09 | Writer: Jilin Net World Education Company | Email: [email protected]

Changchun Pioneer Foreign Language School (PEC) is a branch of Jilin Net World Education Group. It is in the center of Changchun, which is known as "Spring City beyond the Great Wall."
PEC was founded in 1989, now it has more than 3, 000 students(from young kids to teenagers) and over 60 staffs. There is English studying intranet environment in the school building. In every classroom there is a computer, a digital projector and modern teaching equipments. Teachers can use PEC software and digital projector to teach English.

Now PEC offers two full time teaching positions in April and May:
1. 5,000-6,500 RMB monthly salary depending on experience and certification.
2. 22 working hours per week. Any hours over 22 are paid 100 RMB per hour.
3. Reimbursing round trip airfare after completion of one year contract.
4. 2000 RMB bonus after one year contract.
5. Basic health and accident insurance for one year contract teachers.
6. 15 public holidays per year (including Christmas).
7. Two continuous days off each week.
8. Free internet in the school building.
9. Nice single apartment fully furnished including laundry, fridge, TV, microwave etc.

PEC also offers two part time teaching positions:
1. 100 RMB per hour.
2. Saturday and Sunday classes, every day four hours.
3. School bus.
4. Free internet in the school building.

We require:
1. Native speakers from the States, Canada, Britain, Australia or New Zealand.
2. Bachelor's Degree or higher. (Experienced Teachers without degree is OK.)
3. One year teaching experience or training period at the school.
4. Must be willing to teach children.
5. Must be flexible and willing to work in a team environment.
6. Preference given to one year applicants, however 6 month positions are available.

Please send your resume which explicitly states your age, nationality, experience and educational background as text or word format attachment to: [email protected] (recent photo is also needed). Our website is Contact us. You can also call Edward with 0086-0431-7909888, 0086-0431-7909777.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Unit 7 was also a relatively easy to chapter to understand, especially since grammar and basic vocabulary techniques have been instilled in me since the day I started learning English. To be quite honest, the ESA structure of learning plan is very helpful in several ways, for example, it provides me a great base structure to create a daily and potentially a week curriculum to teach students basic vocabulary and grammar structures.This unit explains the different kinds of tests used for assessing and evaluating what a student knows and the progress they are making. It all seemed a little straight forward. It was a little confusing talking about the placement and diagnostic tests. They both seemed similar, since they are both taken before a class starts to see what the students know. I all of these tests are commonly used at the schools I have worked at.