TEFL in China (Changchun)

Date posted:2006-07-26 | Writer: Da Qiao Foreign Language School | Email: [email protected]

Daqiao is the biggest privately owned foreign language school in North-eastern China and is currently looking for an additional English Teacher. The school has over 50 branch schools spread through out small villages, regional centres and the biggest city Changchun (the capital of Jilin province).

Must be a native English speaker. If you're interested we need your resume, photo, diploma, certificate, the copy of your valid passport and your telephone number.

Salary: - 6000 Yuan for a degree holder with 1-year experience. 6000 Yuan without a degree but must have Tesol with at least 1.5 years - 2 years experience. 5500 Yuan with a degree and no experience. 5000 Yuan with TESOL and no experience. All the above salaries are for per month and 20 hours per week you will not work more than 20 hours a week or 80 hours a month if you end up working more than the contracted hours we will pay you overtime, overtime is paid at 100 Yuan per hour Apartments allowance is an extra 550 Yuan per month and transportation fee is about 200 - 300 Yuan minimum 150 Yuan. One-way airfare is offered. Finally the total salary minimum will 5700 - 6800 including apartment allowance and transportation allowance the school also offers accident insurance, All up we offer a pretty enticing salary, higher than most schools.

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This lesson is a good basic lesson in fundamental teaching, not just for English Language Learners instruction. Identifying the reasons we teach, and the ways our students learn is important to focus our instruction. The identification of the basic levels of the learner, from beginner to advanced helps us focus our instructional activities. As an experienced teacher, it is important to be reminded of these differences.Reading and listening are the two receptive skills involved in learning a new language. There are two main purposes for reading and listening; entertainment and for a purpose. To engage students with varying interests, it is important to study a variety of topics and to engage with the material in a variety of ways. Patchwork structured lesson plans are particularly helpful in facilitating listening and reading skills.