Schools in China Seek EFL Teachers

Date posted:2016-04-11 | Writer: Enlai Total Educational Solutions | Email: [email protected]

China's demand for quality education has been a steadily growing sector for a long time, thus creating a vast amount of opportunities for TEFL qualified teachers from all over the world to find rewarding positions and advance their careers. Enlai Total Educational Solutions may be your stepping stone to an international career!

At the moment we are recruiting EFL teachers for our top tier international schools which are located in Beijing and Chengdu. They are well established providers of private early childhood education. Due to their steady growth they are looking for additional EFL teachers who are as professional as they are lively and cheerful. We need people who love to share their knowledge and passion for teaching.


- Teaching English in an international private institution for early childhood education

- Start in September 2016 (some positions are available year round)

- 25-30 contact hours weekly plus a few occasional office hours

- NO weekend work!

- Start salary of 12.500 RMB

- Salaries up to 22,000 RMB

- Creating exciting learning environment for children and sharing knowledge and appreciation of the English language


- Free accommodation in western style apartment or allowance of 2000 RMB if renting own place. Apartments are fully furnished and new. They are furnished in a western style, larger than 70 Square meters, less than 5 years old and conveniently located. No flat sharing unless requested by you.

- All Chinese Holidays plus Christmas day

- 4 weeks- 1.5 months paid summer vacation

- Visa and FEC issued by school

- Flight Subsidies

-Signing bonuses


- Must be citizen of primarily English speaking country (USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand)

- Bachelor's Degree (Education related preferred)

- TEFL/TESOL qualification preferred

- At least 2-3 years working experience, best in teaching field (some exceptions can be made)

- Lively and cheerful personality, loves working with children

- Professional work ethic

- Willing to learn and develop  

You will be managed and paid by Enlai Total Educational Solutions. Every one of our teachers will enjoy outstanding service in all working-related and private matters. We serve as neutral party between teacher and school, thus assuring a fair treatment for all parties involved. We will also support you in obtaining all the necessary documents and make sure that you have a working phone plan, Wi-Fi and know how to get around the city. If anything comes up, you will always be able to contact us.


Contact our team at the email address given on the job heading to learn about how rewarding an experience living and working in China with Enlai can be.

We look forward to your application


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit gave the teacher a lot of points and factors to put in consideration while taking, giving instructions, arranging class and dealing with the students. The unit provided many ways to arrange class and gave the advantages and disadvantages if every single way. It also explained clearly how the teacher should give instructions and how to make sure if the instructions are understood.This unit is about material used in lessons. You can use course books which are very predictable and it is not always adapted to the students need, authentic material which have more appeal to students, and created material. The last one is my favourite with kids. They really appreciate when we can have fun, and normally I make really funny cards so that we can laugh throughout the lesson.