Qualified teacher wanted to teach TEFL in China

Date posted:2002-03-15 | Writer: Bruce | Email: [email protected]

American Educational Services is looking for instructors seeking to explore China. AES is an American managed organization of schools, not a recruiting agency. We have been managing our own schools in China since 1996. Current AES schools are in Dalian, Jinzhou, Jinan, Chang Chun, Huangdao, QingDao and Xi'an. We are currently accepting applications from Any native English speaking teacher for positions starting in July and also September, 2002. Please write for more information.
E-mail Bruce at [email protected] (China office)
or call Michael Wisner at AES NJ, USA 1-908-835-8227 for more information.

We offer

Full time teachers:

  • 6, 000 RMB monthly base salary paid for up to 25 hours per week

  • 10, 000 RMB travel bonus after completion of one year contract; 3, 000 RMB for 6 months

  • Any hours over 25 are paid 90 RMB per hour

  • Free Chinese lessons

  • Free Internet

  • Apartment with private bedroom (at no cost to teacher)

  • Utility Allowance

  • Television, microwave, water dispenser

  • Basic health insurance for one year teachers only

  • 2 days off each week

  • Visa sponsorship

Part time teachers:

  • 3, 500 RMB monthly salary for a 15 hour work week

  • 4 days off each week

  • Any hours over 15 are paid 90 RMB per hour

  • Free Chinese lessons

  • Apartment with private bedroom (at no cost to teacher)

  • All utilities except phone paid by the school

  • 2, 000 RMB bonus after one year

  • Free Internet

  • Visa sponsorship

We require:

  • Native speakers of English at least 21 years old

  • Bachelor's Degree or higher

  • Teaching experience or training period at the school

  • Must be willing to teach both children and adult classes

  • Preference given to one year applicants, however some 6 month and summer only positions available.

Please send your resume, as text not an attachment to the AES Dalian, China office:
Bruce - Dalian, China - [email protected]
On the subject line please state whether you are applying for a full time or part time contract and your date of availability.
If you are just interested in information, just send us a quick e-mail.
Or phone Michael Wisner in the United States at the AES NJ Office 1-908-835-8227

Please note- Michael Wisner will be out of the NJ office from March 20-April 3. Please leave a message during that time and we will contact you.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


It was very interesting seeing the comparison of a good lesson and a poor lesson. Clearly the Teachers attitude is key to classroom success along with being organized, having fun, clear instructions, getting students involved and feeling comfortable, moving through the lesson with good activities well planned. Seeing a good lesson plan and class presentation makes me want to perform well, have fun, and help the students learn English.In this unite first of all I learnt about contionals and it's types just like zero conditional,first conditional, second conditional,third contional and mixed conditional and about usage of these conditionals.i have also came to know about the points where students can get confused.also this unite helped me to learn about direct and indirect speech and about how one tense changes to other to report the same meaning by the second person