Opportunity to teach TEFL in China

Date posted:2003-03-03 | Writer: American Educational Services | Email: [email protected]

American Educational Services
Seeking teachers for Dalian, Xi'an, Jinan

Job location: China

Intensive Session Teaching Positions with AES

American Educational Services is looking for instructors seeking to explore China. Teach in Dalian, Jinzhou, Jinan, Chang Chun, Shenyang, DanDong, or Xi'an. We are currently hiring teachers for the summer session from mid-July to August 31 of 2003 and one year teachers to begin in July or September. One year applicants will be given preference. Please note that the terms below relate to the summer session only, please write for information on 1 year contracts or visit our web site at Contact us .
We offer
- 12, 000 RMB total stipend for up to 30 hours per week for the summer session (One year contracts have different terms)
- Any hours over monthly base are paid 90 RMB per hour
- Free Internet
- Apartment with private bedroom (at no cost to teacher)
- Utility allowance
- Television, microwave, water dispenser
- 2 days off each week

We require:
- Native speakers of English at least 21 years old
- Bachelor's Degree or higher
- Teaching experience or training period at the school

Please send your resume, as text not an attachment, and a scan of the information page of your passport to:
Linda - Dalian, China -
On the subject line please state whether you are applying for a summer intensive or are interested in receiving information on a one year contract.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


All interesting topics, but not directly related which surprised me a bit. I am happy there was a video on the modal auxiliary verbs and the active / passive, but I think it would've helped in the phrasal verbs were also explained in a video. Having said that, the teaching ideas for the modal auxiliary verbs were not very clear. The active / passive voice was video was clear, the teacher has a good speed and tone to engage the viewer.The videos in this unit were very effective. I liked being able to see the difference between a good lesson and a not so good lesson. The attitude of the teacher really did set the tone for the class and should be considered when teaching a lesson. In the first video, the teacher came with a bad attitude; using words the students did not understand. The second video was much better and the students were able to participate better.