Middle School ELA Teacher

Date posted:2024-03-19 | Writer: Shanghai SMIC Private School (International Division) | Email: [email protected]

Please note that it is essential for candidates to be native speakers due to local visa restrictions.

Job Duties:

• Teach a minimum of 20 class periods per week (Teaching middle school English Language Arts to Chinese students);• Collaborate with grade-level teachers on ELA Unit planning;• Work with Chinese Track MHS students in an ESL classroom as assigned for the school year;• Work on curriculum development, which includes preparing effective diverse lesson units based on the school’s curriculum formats using the Understanding by Design (UbD);• Positively collaborate with fellow CIC staff and Chinese Track staff;• Design authentic assessments and measure their effectiveness in meeting curricular goals;• Promote our “Expected School-wide Learning Results” (ESLRs): global citizenship, motivated learners, healthy individuals, and persons of character;• Maintain and update timely student records, including grading (homework, grade books, progress reports, report cards, student attendance, and other required documents);• Be actively involved in (at least two) extra-curricular activities as a faculty sponsor/advisor/coach/helper/school committee member;• Actively fulfil assigned supervision duties, which could include supervising students during open computer lab times;• Able to work constructively with students who don’t yet have English proficiency;• Work closely with parents/guardians by providing feedback on progress, answering questions, and being an educational partner where possible;• Proactively meet and communicate with parents/guardians, students, and other teachers when necessary to develop interventions for students with academic, emotional/behavioural, or other needs;• Serve as a substitute teacher when needed;• Take an active role in required meetings (departmental; grade level; committees, faculty; etc.);• Maintain neat and orderly classrooms and office workspaces;


Bachelor’s degree required in education or English. Bachelor’s degrees in related fields of study (i.e., translation, business English, etc.) are considered.

TEFL/TESOL certificate preferred.

Eligible for employment in Shanghai, China  Entry-level position, so while experience isn’t required, it is preferred.

Evidence of relevant professional interest in working in English with students, especially in an international school environment.

Job Benefits:

Competitive salary and a great working environment in a well run private school.

To apply, please contact the email address in the job heading.