Elementary Substitute Teacher

Date posted:2024-04-08 | Writer: American International School of Guangzhou | Email: [email protected]

Elementary School Substitute Teacher in Early Years and Lower Elementary School

We are looking for talents who are currently residing in GZ. This is a part-time position without benefits.



Elementary Substitute Teacher. 

There are 28 Classroom Teachers and 20 Specialists or 36 TAs that may require a short or long term substitute. 

Grade levels range from Pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 5



Between 18-24 students depending on grade level.



Approximately six 40-minute periods of an eight period day. The school runs on a 6-day schedule.


Monday Faculty meetings

plus 2 planning periods per week if working a longer subs duty that 1 week on a particular class: 

PYP meetings with the PYP Coordinator 

Grade Level Team meetings, which also acts as the Professional Learning Community (PLC) meeting.



2 out of 3 of After School Activity sessions (paid) and recess duty as scheduled.


The substitute teacher will be responsible for covering classes from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5 where the regular teacher is unable to be in class on a particular day. If a short-term subs duty, the planning will be left behind by the teacher. However, longer term subs duty will require the substitute teacher to prepare lessons that align with the current units of study. In combination with the PYP, AISG prefers candidates with experience implementing the reading and writing workshop model and experience with transdisciplinary/integrated teaching. Effective IT integration is expected within the classroom, as well as the development of research and information literacy skills. An IT and Library specialist are on hand to provide teacher and student support. The school is developing Professional Learning Communities.



Our school operates a 1:1 laptop program from grade 6-12 and 2:1 iPad from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2. Grade 3-5 is a 1:1 iPad program. Familiarity with Office365, Atlas Rubicon, SeeSaw, Word-Press and Veracross is preferred.


• Inquiry is the main method of instruction and learning at the AISG Elementary School. While core subjects may be integrated within the Units of Inquiry, teachers are also expected to implement the reading and writing workshop model for literacy. Additionally, teachers may utilise the variety of mathematics resources that are available within each homeroom classroom for the teaching of mathematics, however all units are designed based on the Common Core standards. This is within the structure of the Primary Years Program and following the transdisciplinary themes of the PYP are important throughout the day.


• Teachers are required to differentiate student-learning experiences through the use of a variety of teaching and assessment strategies in order to meet the needs of all students.  


• Teachers are required to maintain records of student progress and achievement and assess students’ academic, social and emotional growth by using both formative assessments, as well as an established set of common assessments. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) use common assessment information and student evidence to ensure all students are learning.


• For longer term substitute situations, substitute teachers will maintain open and clear communication with parents regarding student progress on a regular basis. Teachers and/or parents can schedule meetings any time during the school year. Formal reporting occurs two times a year, in both December and June. Parent-teacher conferences take place in October, while Student-Led Conferences occur in March. 


SKILLS & REQUIREMENTS•  Minimum of a Bachelor's degree•  Current, relevant teaching certification/licensure (TEFL/TESOL preferred)•  Minimum of two years of successful full-time teaching experience•  Full proficiency in the English language


•  Send your CV to [email protected]