Employment teaching EFL in Santiago, Chile

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We are a small school and are an Associate Member of International House World Organisation. The school Directors are all teachers and teach as well as do the management.
We are located in a house with five classrooms, offices, teachers' room, kitchen and garden. The teachers' room is fairly well equiped with resource materials and internet access. There is an Academic Department with part time Director of Studies and two part time Assistant Director of Studies. There is teacher development with weekly input sessions and observations of each course.

We teach General English from Beginner to Proficiency, Exam Preparation courses for the Cambridge exams: PET; FCE; CAE and IELTS and TOEFL, Business English and conversation classes. We also do teacher training in local schools with primary and secondary school English teachers. Classes are groups or one to ones and are mainly off site in offices, government departments or schools. We also have classes at PLT. All courses have materials and a course programme provided.
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Teachers are provided with a contract and visas are paid. A full time teachers contract is 25 contact hours a week with obligatory weekly input sessions and biweekly meetings witht the DOS to discuss progress of courses. Part time contracts are also available as is the possibility of working a few hours freelance. The minimum salary is $600, 000 a month and you can pay between $100, 000 and $200, 000 a month for accommodation.
Senior teachers teach less hours on a regular basis and do standby teaching and academic admin. The minimum monthly pay is $650, 000

As a member of International House all teachers must have a CELTA, International House Certificate or TESOL. We are looking for teachers with experience and preference will be given to teachers who:
1. Have worked or trained with IHWO
2. Have experience of teaching advanced levels
3. Have experience of preparing students for FCE, CAE or IELTS
4. Native speakers

Please send CV(with references) and covering letter to the DOS: Helen Ray at [email protected]

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I think this lesson does a great job introducing the idea of lesson planning and some general guidelines we should look out for in order to create a successful class period. I also appreciate that it builds on earlier lessons to incorporate the ideas about ESA into ideas about planning a lesson. I think if i were to want more information about this lesson, it would be about strategies to keep lessons fresh and balanced.This unit addressed the use of coursebooks and compared the advantages and disadvantages of using either authentic English materials or materials created by the teacher. A new teacher learn how to use proven coursebook and syllabuses to lay the foundation for their course material without ever relying on it too heavily. You can greatly benefit your students by tailoring the material to their specific needs and interests.