TEFL in Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Date posted:2006-08-23 | Writer: Ian’s English Center | Email: [email protected]

Ian's English Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia We are looking for a qualified native teacher to fill a full-time position starting as soon as possible. Our current tutorial team consists of three native teachers and two local teachers. We are looking to replace one of our local teachers. As a native teacher, English must be your first language. Applications from Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand or the UK will be given preference. Furthermore, you must have a CELTA or TESOL certification. Our school is small and we have a good reputation for providing quality teaching. As a small family run operation we work closely as a team. The salary starts at 3000RM per month; however you can negotiate a cost-sharing contract at a later date. Working hours: * Monday / Wednesday / Friday ? 2pm to 9pm = preparation + (3) 1.5 hr classes. * Morning classes are optional. You?ll be paid more for these. Student profile: Age 10 to 18 / Ethnicity: Korean Time off: weekends and all Malaysian statutory holidays. Medical: (We provide) - An annual medical checkup including blood-work. - An annual flu shot. We do not provide airfare. We are registered in Malaysia, thus we will cover the cost of a two year working permit, but you must be over age 27. Initially, the incumbent can stay with Vicki and I until we can get you relocated into appropriate housing. We'll pick you up at the airport. A telephone interview will be scheduled with the final list of candidates. If you have SKYPE from on your computer then it will make a phone interview easier. Our SKYPE handle is (rcmp25918). Find out more about us and our programs at Contact us or call 603-4260-4883 / HP 6012-215-6941 If this position is something that interests you then please e-mail a copy of your resume and passport details to [email protected] You'll need to do a little research about living in Malaysia before sending your details. We're only interested in sincere people who want decent working/living conditions while teaching in a fun and structured environment. We maintain high standards of excellence, which in turn, translates into quality tuition that the parents are looking for. Thus, if you're willing to make this kind of commitment, then I'll be more than happy to answer whatever questions you might have. A copy of our contract is available upon request. Ian Thomas

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I found this unit very interesting, especially the review of reported speech, something I hadn't thought of in a very long time. The same goes for the structure of the conditionals, it's something I use very often but I don't need to think how to put the right tenses to mean what I want to say. I found the suggested teaching ideas very useful, interesting and entertaining, in particular the \"nuclear bunker role play\This unit covered teaching and learning. There are three main theories of learning and many minor ones including: Maturation theory, environmental theory, and constructivism. The unit also covered the difference between L1 and L2 and the importance of language learning instead of acquisition. The 6 roles of the teacher were also covered along with a general maturity difference between 5-9 year olds and 9-13 year olds.