TEFL in Cebu, Philippines

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American Language Teaching Academy is a small owner-operated private ESL academy We are a multi-cultural English language academy, focusing primarily on improving conversational skills using student based learning concepts, augmented with an immersion-oriented campus lifestyle.

ALTA is a small, elite school looking for long-term instructors. One of the biggest attractions is that our company culture is based on friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. Students and teachers instantly feel welcome as a part of the ALTA family.

ALTA is both a 4 resort (located near the beach) and an established accredited language academy with strong credentials. Because of that, ALTA's campus is said to be the most beautiful, functional, and well designed in the entire Philippines.

Job Description: immediate need for ESL teacher  ·  ALTA is a combination of accredited language academy and 4 star resort  ·  ALTA has an immediate need for an ESL instructor Candidates must:  ·  Be a 'native' speaker of English  ·  Be organized, friendly, and personable  ·  Be able to work independently  ·  TESOL, CELTA, or other equivalent certificate preferable  ·  Teaching experience and/or teaching credentials is a big plus

Our institute teaches English to ages 8 to 80. Most fall in the 20 to 30 year old range.Because Alta is the only American-owned ESL school in Cebu (as far as we know, in the Philippines, as well), we maintain that we are better equipped to understand the needs of our native instructors and of our students. We have been told by many of our students that we are simply the best ESL school in the Philippines.

An additional perk of the job is the laid-back, affordable lifestyle one finds in the Philippines. Cebu is called the Queen of the Philippines, and has a reputation as one of the best tourist destination in the Philippines (including things like water sports, golf, tennis, and many popular night clubs). Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world, which makes it a very popular place to learn English. In addition, a large number of English-speaking foreigners live here. Living costs are very low. In Cebu, you?ll find some of the most affordable living costs in the world- cheaper even than China. The cost of nearly everything is especially low for an English speaking country.

Alta is a debt-free company with strong financials. My wife (a Filipina CPA with extensive business experience) and I (American businessman from Silicon Valley) run the school and live on campus with our family.

Salary commensurate with ability and experience.

Workdays are Monday through Friday.

The goal at ALTA is to provide a quality education. As such, ALTA has maintained an excellent reputation with both teachers and current and former students. Our primary goal is to be a true international school with a multicultural student body. We have therefore our own agents throughout Asia, and around the world.

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Thanks Larry Quinn President and principal American Language Teaching Academy

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit reviewed some more complicated grammar, including phrasal verbs, passive voice and modals. I learned some of the nuances between uses of different modals, particularly 'might' and 'may', and also gained more clarity about when passive voice should be used over active voice. The unit also covered different types of transitive and intransitive verbs and provided some helpful examples to present to students.This unit teaches me to be a fair and balanced educator. As as educator, it is crucial to capture the attention of our students and to do so, there are many factors to consider. Teachers can be quite intimidating at times. Therefore, we must know how to reduce the intimidating aura when it is not required so as to allow students to have a conducive environment to express themselves and share ideas with one another.