TEFL in Baku, Azerbaijan

Date posted:2007-07-17 | Writer: EF English First | Email: [email protected]

EF English First Baku is a small, but friendly school located in the capital. Teaching contracts are for 11 months (August is a non teaching month)and the candidate would be teaching mostly General English to adults and some children's groups. Occassional one-to-one, or special groups are also possible. For more info on the school itself, contact the Director of Studies, Lala Talishli at: [email protected]. Interested applicants are asked to provide a CV and a recent photo.
Candidates should, ideally have 1 to 2 years' experience. Candidates must have a recognised CELTA or Trinity certificate, or equivalent, qualification and a degree is preferable, though not a condition.
The salary is $1, 300 US, paid in arrears at the end of each month. The hours per week are maximum 25 actual in class hoursIn addition, the school pays all visa fees, health insurance coverage and the cost of a return ticket upon successful completion of contract (this is based on current standard fares to and from London). In addition, the teacher will receive 15 days paid leave, to be taken at a convenient time.


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


The unit is well structured, that makes it easily-perseptive. It's really essential, because some lesson models stated in a unit were complete new for me (the patchwork and boomerang models, so it was not so hard to learn. Moreover, it again was a well, detailed material that united the knowledge I have with completely new information. Mistake correction is an especially tricky topic which is clearly defined here.This unit went over conditionals and reported speech. It explained the different types of conditionals and their usages. It also explained what changes in reported speech and why. I have a better understanding now of the different conditionals by putting labels to what I was using. The video helped me out with the reporting showing explanations of what changes. Still wrapping my mind around the tenses though.