Teach English in Cambodia (3)

Date posted:2016-07-10 | Writer: Conversations With Foreigners | Email: [email protected]

Live and work in the enigmatic heart of Cambodia: Phnom Penh, The Pearl of Asia. Phnom Penh is   the perfect choice for newly qualified TEFL teachers seeking to expand their experience and skills. Conversations With Foreigners is a popular non-profit English language center providing affordable English classes to Khmer students from all walks of life. There are no 'programme fees' - you only have to cover your own expenses. International volunteers teach conversational English in a fun and informal setting through a student-centric and activity-based style. Profits from student fees go to the Cambodian Rural Development Team, our partner in rural Cambodia, to provide a sustainable source of core funding for their development projects.

We are seeking volunteer teachers for our upcoming semester beginning 31st August 2016, as well as for future semesters beginning in November, and December 2016 and March 2017.

Teachers teach up to 5 hours per day, Monday to Friday, for the 12 weeks. Classes focus on conversational speaking skills in a fun and informal setting. They follow our unique localized curriculum designed to address the realities of Cambodian life.

Delve into the complexities of Cambodian life through a cultural exchange with your students. Teach them relevant and useful English through localized topics. Give them a voice so they can build their confidence in English and share with you their pride of their country.

We offer newly qualified EFL teachers an opportunity to test the waters abroad, gaining approximately 200 hours classroom experience over 12 weeks; as well as on-going teaching training sessions, observations, one-on-one feedback, peer reviews, and drop-in support from our experienced Education Services Manager. We also provide a dedicated in-country support team, optional accommodation and meals package, Khmer language lessons, cooking classes, and a range of organized social activities. 

- This is a voluntary position, but a great way to build experience and confidence in the classroom.

- Teaching training including weekly workshops, observations, one on one feedback, etc.

- Airport pickup.

- 10 Day orientation.

- 3 month commitment.

- 24 / 7 Living support, incl. Khmer language lessons, social activities, day trips, travel arrangements, cooking lessons etc.

- You directly contribute to grass roots development projects!

- Excellent opportunity for new EFL teachers to get some experience and test the waters abroad, while developing teaching skills.


- Native or near-native level of English

- 18+ years of age

- Submission of Criminal History Clearance

- 12 week commitment

- TEFL / TESOL / CELTA is a plus

- Motivation and enthusiasm for the challenge


Contact us at the email address given on the job heading for full details.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Unit 2 was filled with a lot of information on the different methods of teaching. I was surprised to see so many methods being used for one topic. I believe to be true that the methods being used should be depended on your audience/students. Lesson planning will be easier now knowing about the 3 components of engage,study, and activate. I am excited to implement all this in the future.i feel like this unit is more for advance students. it this point students are putting sentences together know about 35 percent English and can speak English over basic but there spelling and reading may have a hard time . for all students that are learning spelling is the hardest subject in English at will years to learn how to spell this is not for kids learning English second language.