Teach English in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Date posted:2005-10-24 | Writer: The London School | Email: [email protected]

Located in the capital, Bishkek ( Kyrgyz Republic), The London School is the city's foremost language school, and our all native speakers teach English to a friendly and diverse group of students of various levels and backgrounds. We would like the contract to be for at least 10 months from the first of December, 2005, or January 2006. A salary of 500$ a month, $100 of which is for airfare reimbursment. This is more then enough to live very comfortable here ( the average salary in Bishkek is under $50 a month) * A comfortable one-bedroomed flat free of charge * A 10-month contract. * Excellent facilities at the school, including a library, cafe and individual classrooms for each teacher equipped with a TV and VCR for videolessons. * Teachers are given a weeks holiday at Easter, 1 week in Summer and a further 2 weeks at Christmas. You will teach four 80 min lessons a day, four days a week. Classes are conducted in the morning and mainly afternoon time. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 9 students and you would teach a range levels from Elementary to Master Class. Position requirements: 1. Due to our students needs we can only accept resumes from applicants from Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom. 2. Be under the age of 35 years old. 3. Have a TEFL or TESOL certificate from an accredited education institution and at least one year teaching ESL teaching experience. 4. Have a college or university degree from an accredited institution (any field of study). 5. No history of drug or substance abuse (all teachers will be tested). 6. No history of mental illness. Application procedure: 1. CV/resume 3. A recent color photo 4. University/college degree 5. TEFL or TESOL certificate 6. Two letters of references from previous employers (all references will be contacted) Thank you. Email:[email protected]

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indeed the hardest distinction in past tenses is between past continuous and past perfect continuous. Because this tenses are not used very often it is hard for teachers to explain them very well. However I find this chapter very clear explained and the examples are very helpful. I also understand that learning tenses comes with a time so students have to do as many excersises as possible to train the habit of a good use.Unit 11 talks about cultivating a lesson that involves high levels of receptive skills. Using both your reading and listening skills allows for a more in- depth understanding of the content being taught in the lesson. Reading and listening activates two out of our five senses. Reinforcing the concept of receptive skills helps to remind me as an educator to keep this at the front of my mind when planning effective lessons.