English Teachers Wanted for the 2023-2024 School Year in Palestine

Date posted:2023-03-26 | Writer: Pioneers Baccalaureate School | Email: [email protected]

Pioneers Baccalaureate School in Nablus, Palestine is currently hiring English teachers for the 2023-2024 school year.English Language PositionsAll English classes are full English immersion. Early elementary classes introduce students to English letters, sounds, and written forms, and focus on steadily increasing students' reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar capabilities in English as well as instilling positive classroom behavior and a joy of learning. In later elementary and middle school classes, students read both fictional and informational books, novels, or other texts and develop their reading, writing, and grammar skills. High school students continue to read a wide variety of texts as well as preparing for CLEP/AP English Language/Literature exams. In this position, the curriculum is already developed for you. You also will have access to previous years' lesson plans and materials. Your responsibilities include writing your own lesson plans, grading assessments, and bringing creativity to the classroom. Games, activities, and projects that engage students and support learning are highly encouraged at all grade levels.General InformationAll teaching positions are full-time, amounting to about 24 teaching hours per week (with additional time commitments for planning and school duties). Native-level English fluency is required for all positions.Benefits•    First-year teachers receive 2200 New Israeli Shekels per month, equivalent to approximately $615 at the current exchange rate of 3.59. This is a livable and competitive starting teacher salary in Nablus. Additional increments for subject matter, experience, and qualifications as determined during the interview process, in addition to a 100 shekel monthly transportation stipend.•    Housing (private room in a shared (3-4 people) apartment with utilities (water, electricity, internet) covered.•    Round-trip airfare and visa costs covered.•    Government health insurance.About PioneersPioneers is a bilingual Arabic/English school serving grades K-12. We are proud to have received NEASC accreditation in Spring 2021, and we are focused on continual development and innovation. Our rich international program follows Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards in English, Math, and Science, in addition to offering the local Palestinian curriculum. High school students receive a Pioneers diploma in addition to a Palestinian diploma obtained through equivalent scores on CLEP or AP exams. Pioneers Baccalaureate School was founded to provide a level of education unavailable in Nablus. We challenge and inspire our students to achieve their intellectual and personal potential by approaching each as a unique individual. Utilizing the best of modern pedagogy, while staying true to our Palestinian roots, Pioneers prepares students to be competitive on a global scale. Our graduates will be prepared to innovate, think creatively, and contribute to building a better Palestine and a better world. About NablusNablus was one of the Palestinian cities hit hardest by the Second Intifada, but it is currently undergoing an economic rebirth. With around 300,000 people, it is one of the largest cities in the West Bank. Nablus is still a conservative city with respect to the West Bank as a whole, and in order to maintain the school's good reputation and standing in the community, foreign teachers are expected to uphold certain standards of behavior and dress during their tenure with the school. Teachers are able to form lasting relationships with colleagues and friends, take advantage of opportunities to learn or practice Arabic, and explore all the West Bank has to offer.ApplyingApplications are processed on a rolling basis. Our hiring process begins with a general interview, followed by second interviews based on specific positions. To apply, please fill out the information in the link below and upload a cover letter and CV/resume: