Employment teaching English in Myanmar - Yangon

Date posted:2003-03-03 | Writer: Horizon International School | Email: [email protected]

Job: English & Grade Teacher
School: Horizon Int'l School
Tel: 00 95 1 728016
Email: [email protected]

Horizon Int'l Education Center is URGENTLY looking for experienced, qualified, and passionate:

1. Pre-School & Kindergarten Teacher (1)
2. English Language Teacher (2)

to work and live in Yangon, Myanmar.

March-May period is usually the Summer break for many schools. On the other hand, it's our time to offer Summer School for those who want to polish their English language. It is also an important time for teaching applicants to show their teaching talents should they consider further employment here with us.


* a job in Yangon-Myanmar for 9 weeks during
our Summer School program
* visa, return-ticket to BKK, accommodation
* only half-a-day work for 5 days
* further employment opportunity
* motivated kids, friendly and casual
* from 10th of March up to 9th of May
* 9 weeks (only 38 work-days)

We are looking for:

* a university graduate of the relevant or
any related field
* a person with enthusiasm and passion for
* a native speaker of English
* able to start teaching early March 2003
* an experienced teacher (a few years of
experience may do ..)
* good in personal conduct, appearance and

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Managing the class is probably the most important part of teaching process. Maintaining the discipline and rapport basis upon many factors. It can be surprising but when organizing the class teachers should consider their own behavior peculiarities as eye contact, gestures, the voice and talking time. At the same time, they also should take care of students sitting positions as it directly influences the whole atmosphere of the class.This was an interesting yet tricky unit, I think that I need to practice more grammar exercises concerning the different types of transitive phrasal verbs. I once taught a class on modal verbs, the student was a nine-year-old girl who wanted to know the difference between Should, Could and Would. I think it's best to teach them separately and then gradually introduce more modal verbs. Overall, I learnt something new and I am grateful.