Employment teaching EFL in Myanmar - Yangon

Date posted:2004-05-10 | Writer: Asia-Pacific Connections, Ltd. | Email: [email protected]

THE EMPLOYER - An international school catering to younger children (Kindergarten + Primary at first, with additional grades later. The school will be managed by a team of locals and Canadians. Ease of communication and a progressive approach are assured. The school is located in Central Yangon.

The students will mainly be local. Teaching support will be provided by up to eight local teachers. The curriculum will be North American in orientation (with some local content) and cover all subjects. There will be an emphasis on English-language education. Class sizes will be small, with an average of only 16 students. Teaching will be Monday-Friday and on-site only.

BENEFITS Quality housing provided Round-trip Airfare Half payment of International Medical Insurance Premiums Salary/Bonus Package sufficient for a very comfortable local lifestyle and savings at home.

THE ACADEMIC DIRECTOR - For Early August 2004. We are looking for a native speaker of English who is a national of an English-speaking country and who:

- has a solid background in early childhood education. - holds an advanced degree/qualifications in management or education, in addition to a relevant undergraduate degree. - has at least five years teaching experience - is patient, flexible, and a good communicator - is willing to commit to at least two years.

S.E. Asia experience is desireable, as is previous experience with a newly established school.

TEACHERS - Five positions For August 2004

Only native speakers of English who hold passports from English-speaking countries can be considered. An undergraduate degree in eduaction is required. Previous teaching experience and experience in SE Asia are also desireable. A minimum one-year commitment is required.


Send the following by e-mail or post:

A detailed Resume / Curriculum Vitae with referees (references) who can be contacted. Copies of all relevant degrees/certificates Your photo(s). At least two written letters of reference A cover letter introducing yourself and explaining your reasons for wanting to live and work in Myanmar / SE Asia.

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Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This two lessons are very different. while the first video shows very boring and ineffective lesson, the second video shows me the way to conduct a good lesson. While watching the videos, I was able to recognize my mistakes and think what I can possibly do to avoid them and improve my teaching. It is very clear that in order to make a good lesson you should be positive and engage students in various activities as much as possible.Unit twenty is over trouble shooting or solving issues in class. The unit goes over different issues that arise in the classroom. The unit also provides suggestions and proper ways to solve and alleviate those issues. Some of the problems that were focused on were how to deal with first lessons, how to \"war,\" or initiate a class with icebreakers, how to deal will class sizes etc. This unit was straightforward and easy to follow.