TEFL Positions in Rwanda

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Established in 2009, The International Languages and Management Institute, ILMI, is the first English language and management training institute for local citizens, business executives, and government officials in Rwanda. Through the integration of international perspectives, advanced curriculum offerings, certified instructors, and an empowering institutional philosophy, ILMI will train its students to recognize impact as a journey to be experienced and a facet of history to be created and leveraged in the global arena.

This is why ILMI doesn’t offer typical jobs. ILMI offers LifeScopes. This is an opportunity to redefine the values guiding one particular scope of your life: your career.

ILMI is ready to hire talented TEFL qualified instructors to teach English and/or Business English to government officials and business executives in Rwanda.

In addition, ILMI offers a superb compensation package with excellent benefits.

Join us today so that together we can teach the language of change in order to proclaim words of impact!


In June 2007, Rwanda joined the East African Community and soon after, President Paul Kagame’s visionary leadership created a development Roadmap labeled “Vision 2020” to transform Rwanda’s economy into a regional hub for services and industry. In order to ensure regional integration into an English-speaking East African Community, the Rwandan government made English the third official language of Rwanda in 2008, unlocking thus a tremendous national need and subsequent effort to teach English to Rwandan citizens, business executives, and government officials.

Today, foreign investors speak of Rwanda as one of the safest places in Africa, as well as one of the least corrupt. This year, Rwanda jumped 78 spots in the World Bank’s “Doing Business” study.

Today you can help Rwanda fulfill its dream of regional integration and global prosperity.

Our time is now. Let’s drive the entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s lead the change we all care for.

Salary, Benefits and Compensation Package

  • $1000 dollar salary per month

  • Fully paid training session and cultural acclimatization period prior to teaching

  • Fully furnished and first rate accommodation

  • Round trip airfare to and from Rwanda

  • Full and most inclusive international medical insurance coverage

  • Paid vacation period: twelve days total

  • All national holidays paid: twelve days total

  • Paid sick day allowance

  • All employment documentation and related expenses

  • Potential opportunity to teach in neighboring countries like Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo

Length of position

One year

Start Date

Ongoing beginning in January 2010


  • Bachelor degree or higher

  • Native English speaker

  • Ability to commit to a one year contract

  • No previous teaching experience required but experience is a plus

  • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/TESL diploma or equivalent

  • Passionate, motivated, and impact-hungry!


  • Teaching English or Business English as a foreign language in the communicative/conversational approach

  • Preparing class materials and lessons

  • Preparing, organizing, and delivering “Open House” events if applicable

  • Developing, enhancing, and modifying curriculum offerings in response to class dynamics

  • Delivering course and student performance evaluations

  • Preparing and delivering customizable instruction packages if and as required

  • Generating Impact!

Teaching Brief

Working days: Monday through Friday and possibly half-day Saturday

Working Hours: 8 hours a day Monday-Friday and possibly 4 hours on Saturday. Please note that working hours do not necessarily mean teaching hours as your time may be used for preparation either at home or at the institute.

Student Level: Mainly adults

Class Size: Between 9-16 students

Target audience: Government officials, business executives, and general Rwandan public.

Instructors travel to Rwanda

Roundtrip airfare is provided by ILMI but instructors will travel independently

Application Process Involves

  • Contact us by e-mail at the address given on the job heading

  • Resume or CV

  • Three part Essay of 1500 words or less

  • Disciplinary clearance form

  • In-person interview/s when feasible

  • Phone interview/s

  • Recent photograph

Post-Employment Services Include

  • Alumni Network

  • Exit debriefing abroad

Our Mission Statement

Dedicated to enhancing the scope of personal development and global business communication, ILMI strives to prepare you to transform your ideas and ambitions into a unified and competitive language that will allow you to speak change and proclaim words of impact both regionally and globally.

To apply, please contact us at the e-mail address given on the job heading

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Confuse test. Maybe because I'm tired. I have read all the material and maybe one or other word give me doubt about the answers. I already review and couldn't change nothing. Pretty sure I'm not good in this one. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse. Confuse.The pronunciation in english is the are where students have the most confusion and thats make them not confident in speaking. every lesson should dedicate some time having pronunciation exercises. Get close to a native speaker pronunciation require hard work and time and pressure from the teacher. The best way to improve the pronunciation is listen and repeat many time as the pronunciation will be perfect.