Why Teach in China

Teaching English in China is as popular as ever. In 2014, 7.26 million students graduated with Bachelor and Master degrees and the numbers for 2015 are expected to rise. There are over 30,000 organizations or companies offering private English classes, with the Chinese market having nearly doubled in size in the last five years and is now worth around $3.1 billion.


English teachers in China can expect to make between 6,000 - 16,000 RMB ($942 - $2,500 USD). Those teaching at an international school, however, can make up to 30,000 RMB ($4,700 USD).


How far exactly will your salary get you in China? Most teachers put away a good amount of their salaries and save them up. You can live quite comfortably when teaching in China.


Most foreigners are settled in the big “three”: Beijing (107,000 expats), Shanghai (209,000 expats) and Guangzhou (over 200,000 expats). However, the cost of living in these cities is much higher than in other cities across China. Don’t get stuck on those famous cities but rather consider other big and mid-sized cities all over China. Other great destinations include Xi’an, Chengdu, Wuhan or Hangzhou.


You can also be sure to meet other fellow expatriates from your country in China. The Chinese metropolises are getting increasingly diverse with people from South Korea, India, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Vietnam and Myanmar ranking in the top ten.


The excellent transportation network throughout the country lets you travel the giant Asian nation easily and on a cheap budget. Overnight buses, high-speed trains and quick domestic flights guarantee a comfortable journey within China. As of 2015, China is home to just under 20.000 km of rail tracks including the world’s longest line, the 2,298 km (1,428 mi) Beijing–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway.

It’s also worth noting that China is bordered by 14 Asian nations, most of which can be reached by train, bus or airplane. Why not take a bus down to Vietnam and enjoy the summer on one of the Southeast Asian country’s gorgeous beaches? Or how about venturing into Mongolia, a country of spectacular scenery and historic value? How about traveling the footsteps of the ancient traders of the Silk Road, which started in modern day Xi’an?


China is famous for its food all over the world. However, Chinese food back home is not at all like the locals cook in the motherland. Don’t let anyone fool you and tell you Chinese food is all spicy. That’s only partly true. China has developed 8 unique cuisines during the course of its 5,000 year history: from sweet, over sour, bitter, salty and on to spicy!  


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