Games in the Classroom

There are many games that can be used in the TEFL classroom, from simple games that only require a pen and a whiteboard to more elaborate board games. There are some games that have been specifically designed to be used in English language classes, while other, everyday games that we usually play for fun can also be adapted to be used with your students. You can even create your own games!

There are many misconceptions about using games in the classroom. Some people believe that studying should be serious and that there is no place for this kind of “entertainment” in the classroom. Others believe that games are only for children and that adults are not interested in playing when they should be studying. Neither of these assertions is true, research and experience has shown that used well, games can and do provide excellent opportunities for both young and old students to learn and use English in the classroom.

Good places to look for games created specifically for the classroom are resource books for teachers, these often contain material that can be photocopied for use in the classroom. You can also find endless games on the internet including board games for specific language points and even games that be played online by your students. For normal games to adapt for classroom use, simply head to your local toy store and browse around for something suitable, you are bound to find something that can be put to good use in your lessons.

The main thing to remember about using games in the classroom is that they must serve a purpose and help you to achieve your lesson objectives. Whether that purpose is to warm the student up and get them ready for the lesson ahead or to have them practice a particular language point there must be a reason for using the chosen game other than simply filling time.


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