7 ideas for business English classes

The activities provided in this graphic allow students to use English in ways that are
interesting, fun and relevant to their needs as business English learners.

In ‘Negotiations’ students get to role-play a negotiation between two sides, earning points 
for each success they have in negotiating with the other side. Telephone role-plays are a 
great way to practice speaking to another person without the non-verbal clues that usually 
assist face-to-face communication. Comparison information gap activities are good for 
getting students to use English to find out particular information they need from another 
person, an important communicative skill needed by many business English learners. 
Arranging meetings is a good activity for practicing phone skills and an important function 
many business English students will need to use. The ‘Dragons Den/Shark Tank’ activity is 
good for practicing presentation skills, both for giving the presentation and for asking 
questions about it. Having the students tell you about their company is an effective way to 
get the student to think about what they do in English and how they can explain it to an 


Infographic 7 ideas for business English classes


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