Get TEFL Certified in Japan
Tokyo is the location of our TEFL course in Japan

Japan continues to be one of the most popular teaching destinations in Asia and its capital Tokyo has the highest number of post-course opportunities. It is also a major hub for entertainment and local culture. More info
Explore Tokyo
Tokyo is a city that offers both modernity and tradition living side by side

Nowhere on Earth can match Tokyo when it comes to modern infrastructure and convenience. However, the long-held traditions of Japan still run deep and are widely celebrated at every opportunity. More info
Japan Salary Guide
Teaching salaries in Japan are typically among the highest in Asia

Our blog guide takes a look at different money related aspects of teaching English in Japan, from the average salary and other benefits to the cost of groceries, eating out and transportation. More info

TEFL Gallery - Our Tokyo In-Class Course Is Waiting For You

Our Tokyo In-Class Course Is Waiting For You

During your in-class training course in Japan, you will have the chance to teach real EFL learners of all ages. In your free time, you will also have plenty of time to explore Tokyo and its surrounding areas. Our teacher trainers provide helpful feedback and in-depth training to make sure you will be a confident and competent English language teacher. Japan has been a premier EFL destination for years and is still one of the most popular locations for teaching English abroad with a lot of job opportunities for those with TEFL qualifications.