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Seoul is one of the biggest business hubs in Asia and indeed the world. More info
Teaching English In South Korea - The Salary and Budget Guide
How much can I earn (and save) teaching English in South Korea?

There are many different teaching positions available all across South Korea. The salary usually depends on the type of school you work at and your qualifications. English teachers in South Korea can expect to make between 1.8 and 3 million Korean Won per month (currently $1,600 to $2,675). More info

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Make a deposit payment to secure your place on a course before the end of the month and qualify for a free advanced level online course. You can choose from the 50-hour young learners (CTEYL) or business English (CTBE) certificate courses or the 250-hour online diploma course.

Seoul TEFL Course Accommodation | TEFL Courses Korea

TESOL Accommodation Seoul

There are options for each budget close to the centre and no more than a fifteen minute bus or subway ride away.

1. Shared House

Price range: approx $10 per night
Rental places separate from a private room where residents can gather together to share a house or apartment. Share houses have lower initial and monthly costs compared to regular rental apartments or hotels.

2. Guesthouses $30 per night
Close to the training centre are several tourist guesthouses which range from simple Korean style rooms to more western style bedrooms with a private bathroom. Many serve simple breakfasts to guests and some include dinner.

Price range: approx $30 per night Rental homes or rooms under the AIRBNB system. There are diverse types of rooms or apartments you can choose from with a wide price range.


4. Business Hotels/Designer Hotels
Price range: approx $60 per night There are many reasonably priced business hotels (ex. IBIS Ambassador) and designer hotels(ex. Hotel The Designers Seoul, Shilla Stay)in the Jongno, Insadong, and Myungdong neighborhood if you are looking for a cleaner and a more comfortable place to stay.


5. High End Hotels
Price range: approx $90 per night

Hotels such the Hilton, Hyatt and the Sheraton are also available if you are looking for accommodations at a higher price range.

You are not obliged to use the accommodation suggested by the school and you are welcome to make your own accommodation arrangements. All accommodation recommendations are inspected by the academy to ensure quality.

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