British English v American English

For most people one of the biggest concerns about heading overseas to work as an EFL teacher is having only a limited or no understanding of the local language.
Every year a large number of Americans arrive in the UK to complete a TEFL certification course and they soon find out that their understanding of British English is not as good as they may have thought.
Teach English In United Kingdom
Native English speakers who choose to travel to another native English speaking country obviously do not have this problem, or do they?
Do you know the difference between ‘chips’ and ‘crisps’? What does it mean to ‘splash out’ or to be ‘knackered’? Take a look at this list of British English as it really is the ‘dog's bollocks’.

SOURCE: www . lebonbon . co . uk/lifestyle/infographic-you-sound-like-youre-from-london/

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