Hilarious Dutch Expressions

When visiting a foreign country for a short visit or a longer-term stay, one of the most challenging aspects is often the local language.
And when it comes to funny expressions, Dutch certainly doesn’t disappoint.
Many everyday Dutch words also raise a smile when translated into English, such as “hand shoes” meaning gloves and “garden snake” for a hose.
Teach English In The Netherlands
However, once you have mastered the basic pleasantries and everyday phrases, you can start to experiment with parts of the language that are not generally known by non-native speakers.
Expressions such as “as if an angel is peeing on your tongue” and “to fall with your nose in butter” are thankfully explained here.

SOURCE: https://www . theintrepidguide . com/dutch-phrases-idioms-infographic/# . WgAe23Zx3IU

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