Living and Teaching English in Panama - Habits, Customs & Curiosities

Famous the world over for its canal that links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Panama is a rapidly developing country that also has large areas of lush jungles that are teeming with rare and unique wildlife.

As it is conveniently located within a short flight of the USA and uses the US dollar as an official currency, Panama is also a popular option for teaching English abroad.

The following guides provide a small insight into the local culture and offer a few suggestions on why it is a great location to move to and the things you can look forward to if you do.

Travel Tips For Panama

Thanks to its status as one of the most developed and stable countries in Latin America, Panama is on many people’s radar as a possible destination for teaching English as a foreign language.
It also offers some tips on places to go and things to do during your free time, such as exploring the San Blas Islands, roaming the streets of picturesque Boquete, and enjoying a unique party on a converted school bus.
This guide gives a brief introduction to the country, including some general facts and figures, advice on visas, vaccinations and climate, and some suggestions of popular local food and drink to sample during your stay.
Outdoor pursuits including surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and jungle trekking are also popular pastimes in Panama.

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Ten Reasons to Live in Panama

If you are thinking about relocating to Latin America to teach EFL, there are clearly many countries to choose from.
One important factor for many people is the weather and Panama certainly has that covered.
The low cost of living in comparison to North America and Europe also means you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle outside of the classroom.
Here you will find 10 reasons why you should consider Panama as a serious contender.
The tropical climate ensures year-round warm weather without the threat of hurricanes that can cause serious problems in other parts of the region.
Other great benefits of moving to Panama include high-quality healthcare and well established expat communities who can help you find your feet in your new surroundings.

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The Panama Canal

When you mention Panama the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is the world famous Panama Canal.
This guide provides a range of information for anyone visiting the area as there is plenty to see and do.
If you are considering Panama as a destination for teaching EFL, take a look at this guide to the country’s most famous landmark.
Completed over 100 years ago to provide a convenient route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the canal is considered by many to be one of the greatest feats of engineering in the modern age.
As well as boat tours and cruises, you can visit museums dedicated to the canal and also enjoy delicious local cuisine along its banks.

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Panama City

As the country’s main population center and capital, Panama City is the most likely point of entry to the country and the most likely place for foreign teachers to teach EFL.
Nature lovers will be happy to know that the city is the only capital in the world to have a rainforest within its boundaries and that there are more species of birds to be seen than in Canada and the US combined.
Whether you are planning a short stay or would like to live and work in the city, you will find plenty to occupy your days.
The relatively small size of the country also means that Panama City makes a great base for exploring the various forests, beaches and islands that can be found in this beautiful region.

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