How to Speak 'Stralyan'

Although English is the main language spoken by the majority of Australians, it has developed into its very own unique language that differs in both accent and lexicon from British or American English.
Words such as ‘g’day’, ‘mate’ and ‘quid’ may well be familiar to some people already, but what about ‘arvo’, ‘snags’ and ‘ute’?
Teach English In Australia
This A to Z guide to speaking ‘Stralyan’ should give you an insight into some of the words and phrases that you might come across during your stay in the country.
If you want to find out what ‘Harold Holt’ and ‘Joe Blake’ might be used for, you should take a look at this informative list.

SOURCE: blog . mccrindle . com . au/the-mccrindle-blog/how_to_speak_stralyan_aussie_slang_infographic

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