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Y.S. - Japan said:
lesson planning Lesson plan is a teacher?s detailed description of the course of instruction for one class. A daily lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide class instruction. Whereas lesson planning is an act of constructing the lesson plan, details in lesson plan will vary depending on the preference of the teacher, subject being covered and the need of learners. lesson planning is very important for both teachers and students. It gives clear idea of the materials and activities which a teacher will be using in the class. Lesson plan assist teachers in managing their time, effort and resources efficiently. Teachers will be more organized whilst teaching. As for students, they know the objective of the lesson and can be more focus. students feel more comfortable and confident because they know what is expected from them by the end of the class.Callum Robertson states that: ?if you imagine a lesson is like a journey then the lesson is the map. It shows you where you start, where you finish and the route to take to get there.? A well developed lesson plan reflects needs and interests of students. It correlates with the teacher?s philosophy of education, which is what the teacher feels is the purpose of educating the students and incorporates best practices for the field. Lesson plan that are not well organized can be difficult to follow and may affect the student?s educational experience. Lesson plan can be very helpful particularly for an inexperienced teacher, as they may want to write very detailed plan, stating clearly the activities at particular time throughout the lesson. Many theorists argued that too much of planning can make the lesson rather rigid and prevents the teacher from being flexible to the needs of the students. However, as the teachers gain experience and confidence they develop the ability to go to the class with a short list of notes and still manage to conduct the class effectively. There are many tools to help teachers to prepare their lesson plan which includes planning books, templates and forms. However writing lesson plan needs to be organized, teachers might face difficulties in writing lesson plan if they are not adequately organized, even if they uses these planning tools. Effective lesson planning is the foundation for effective teaching. Teachers must be aware of the student?s level, abilities and needs before they write a lesson plan. Write time estimation for each activity to help teacher manage their time efficiently. All lesson plan contain instructional procedures in order to communicate the target material effectively, the materials required and anticipated problems for teachers and students as well. The other important component in lesson plan is the objective; teachers need to identify their goals which have to be clear, realistic and achievable by students. Setting an objective provides a focus for the planning and prevents possible confusions. lesson planning ensures that the lesson is well balanced and appropriate for class, gives the teacher more confidence and it is a sign of professionalism.