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A.K. - U.S.A. said:
online tefl courses vs On-site TEFL courseIn looking through the different potential topics for our research article, this topic stood out to me, because it was something I considered a lot before taking my tefl course. When I began my tefl course I did a lot of research about different programs to find the best option for me. I obviously chose an online course to complete my TEFL requirements. I had a good friend who chose to do an on-site tefl course about the same time as I chose to take my course we were able to compare programs often, and I gained a lot of knowledge about both kinds of programs. There are many benefits of completing an online tefl course. The first advantage is that you can complete it on your own time, even on the side while you have another job or activities going on. Most online courses are designed similarly to this one where they are completed at your own rate. A few do have more structure and assignments are due by dates but you are still able to complete them within a time frame at your own rate. Additionally, online courses can be done from anywhere where you have computer/internet access. online courses are also usually much cheaper than on-site courses. Course material seems to be pretty similar between the on-site course that I have seen and this online course. online courses do tend to be more generalized and equip teachers for all different kinds of learners. There are many benefits to on-site tefl courses; they can be geared specifically towards a group of learners from a particular culture or demographic where the teacher may be working in the future. In this way they can be much more specific and less generalized in teaching strategies. They can tell teachers what normal problems are for students coming from a specific language background. They are completed at a set time, which depending on how fast a person completes the online course, are often at an accelerated pace in comparison. I know that a lot of on-site programs I looked into were affiliated with schools in the area so completing on-site programs could potentially lead to jobs in that area. I know that in the on-site program my friend completed she gained lots in-class student teaching experience. Additionally, she gained immediate feedback from her teacher about how she was doing and advice for improving her lessons after she had given them. On-site courses allow for questions to be answer a lot easier and teachers to give advice and more personal experience examples. There are obviously many benefits to both types of courses, there are also disadvantages to each. online courses don?t give teachers a lot of the in-class teaching experience that on-site courses do. They also don?t guarantee any type of job upon completion, and they don?t equip teachers with tools for students coming from specific language backgrounds but have generalized information instead. The main disadvantages of on-site courses are that they are very expensive, and very intensive. The course my friend took was from 9am-6pm Monday through Friday for an entire month. This obviously did not allow her to work or do much else outside of class for that time. Additionally some on-site courses can be too specific to a certain population that they don?t translate well to teaching English to all learners. I believe that for me I made a great choice in taking an online tefl certification course. It has been sufficient for all the jobs that I have looked into acquiring and I feel it has equipped me with the necessary knowledge to be a good instructor.