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V.P - Vietnam said:
Lesson PlanningTeaching English in a foreign city is not very easy as the students within the city already speak a different language and are accustomed to speaking that language to others. The students must make it a habit to practice what they've learned in English in order to learn the language faster. Although teachers cannot monitor the students daily routines to make sure that the students are actually practicing English, teachers can gauge the students performance within the classroom and create a healthy environment to teach the students English. By doing so, the teachers are actually encouraging the students to learn more English by gauging the students progress and teaching the students new language as opposed to having the students exposed to what they already learned or know. For a teacher to be effective in teaching the students new language, they must have a system of keeping track of what they have already taught. The system is called lesson planning. lesson planning is not only a good way for the teacher to keep track of what has already been taught, but also a good way to track the students progress. A great teacher must make note as to which students are excelling in a certain lesson plan and which student is not doing as well. By doing this, the teacher can gauge the students learning habits and adjust their teaching style accordingly. Each student learns differently and each teacher teaches differently, in order for the student to learn to their fullest potential, the teacher must adapt to the students learning behavior. After all, the teacher is the one in charge of the students learning, whether the students learn or not is entirely up to the teacher. With that said, lesson planning makes it all easy for the teacher as the lesson plans are a guideline for the teacher to follow should he or she get stuck while conducting a lesson. It is always good to refer back to the lesson plan as it is an actual outline of what the class is about and how the class should be run according to the teachers preference. The lesson plan indicates all of the important information that a teacher should know in regards to the class and what the students should get out of the class by the end of the class. Not only is the lesson plan useful to the teacher, it is also a tool for substitute teachers to utilize should the original teacher get ill or cannot make it to class. The substitute teacher simply has to take a look at the lesson plan and immediately should know what to do. It is always a good idea to keep a lesson plan for the school year, however, some teachers do not require a lesson plan as they may have many years of experience and already know exactly what they need to do when they get into the classroom. Regardless of whether they utilize a lesson plan or not, they usually keep a lesson plan in a filing cabinet or draw just in case they need a substitute teacher to fill in for them that day. lesson planning is not a requirement for teachers, however, it is highly recommended that the teachers do make a lesson plan for his or her classes. lesson plans are not hard to make and the teacher can keep the lesson plan for the life of his or her teaching career, while making adjustments and improvements over the years through experience. It is just a very useful and valuable tool for teachers to use, especially new teachers.