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V.L. - Australia said:
How teachers can increase confidenceA confident teacher is one who projects themselves professionally whether that be in their physical appearance or the way in which they speak. Smiling and standing tall is another way to project confidence and once these habits become routine the teacher's confidence will be increased both in and out of the classroom. Being forearmed with knowledge about the country in which one is teaching is also helpful as information about various aspects of the geography, history, and culture of a country will show the students that their teacher has taken an active interest in their country and can also help prevent embarrassment on the teacher's part by reducing the chances of making mistakes about important information. Presenting a well prepared lesson is also another way the teacher can increase their confidence in the classroom. students will be able to tell quite quickly if their teacher is unprepared and they may feel disrespected and that their time is being wasted. Many students have difficulty paying tuition fees and the teacher owes it to their students to ensure that every lesson they present is well prepared. The lesson plan should focus on one topic and the teacher should ensure that their instructions are clear and easy to understand. The students will benefit from this strategy which will, in turn, increase the teacher's confidence when they can see that their students are absorbing and learning the new material that has been set. students who are interested in the lesson will remain engaged, thus increasing the teacher's confidence further. The teacher should ensure they have adequate materials in the classroom and always have extra activities planned for those students who work faster than their peers. Running out of ideas in the middle of a lesson can be embarrassing for the teacher and they can lose the respect of their students thus undermining the level of confidence that the student has in the teacher and the teacher's confidence in themselves. Another way the teacher can increase their confidence in the classroom is by reading books or journals which focus on how to teach. Teachers can also speak with their peers or perhaps sit in on a lesson that a more experienced teacher is conducting as this will help them learn some tips and tricks that they can then use in their own classroom. Teachers can also discuss their fears or concerns with more experienced teachers as it may turn out that they are worrying about things that are not overly important and they may gain a new perspective on their concerns. By exposing themselves to as many resources as possible, whether it be books or first-hand experience from other teachers, the new teacher can gain a good insight into the requirements of classroom teaching and by increasing their own knowledge they will find that their confidence also grows. Doing a course or some other further education may also help the teacher gain confidence. New knowledge will help keep the teacher fresh and this will be reflected in their lessons and teaching style. If an individual has been able to gain an English teaching position without first completing a tesol course or similar then they may find that they struggle with teaching material that they themselves do not understand. An online course is a good idea for teachers who are already employed but lacking any teaching qualification as they can do the course in their own time and learn at their own pace. Increased knowledge may be the key to increasing classroom confidence and with this increased confidence the teacher will be more effective and will find it easier to establish and maintain rapport with their students. In conclusion, a number of ideas have been presented that the teacher can use to increase their confidence in the classroom. If the teacher takes only one idea on board at a time and utiltises it, they should be well on their way to a more enjoyable teaching experience which will have the flow-on effect of attentive, satisfied students who are eager to learn English. accessed 4th September, 2011 accessed 4th September, 2011