CELTA training program details

Unlock Your Teaching Potential with ITTT's CELTA Training Program

Are you ready to take your teaching career to the next level? Look no further than ITTT's CELTA training program - the gold standard in English language teaching qualifications. Whether you are a seasoned educator looking to enhance your skills or a newcomer to the field, our comprehensive program will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in the classroom.

Table of contents

1. What is CELTA?

2. Why Choose ITTT for CELTA Training?

3. Program Structure and Curriculum

4. Benefits of Obtaining a CELTA Certification

What is CELTA?

CELTA, which stands for Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is an internationally recognized qualification for teaching English as a foreign language. Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment English, CELTA is highly regarded by employers worldwide and opens up a world of opportunities for career advancement in the field of English language teaching.

Benefits of Obtaining a CELTA Certification

Earning your CELTA certification from ITTT comes with a multitude of benefits. Not only will you gain a globally recognized qualification that will open up job opportunities around the world, but you will also enhance your teaching skills and knowledge, making you a more effective and successful educator. Additionally, CELTA certification is often a requirement for many reputable language schools and institutions, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

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