What are the best countries to teach English in Latin America?

Experience the vastness and diversity of Latin America, spanning over 20 million square kilometers and encompassing around 20 countries, each offering an abundance of opportunities for English teachers. From bustling metropolises to popular tourist resorts and quaint countryside towns, the region caters to a variety of preferences. With countless options for adventure, exploration, entertainment, and relaxation, Latin America guarantees the creation of lifelong memories. However, given the region's size, you may wonder which countries are ideal for teaching. While we encourage conducting your own research to align with your personal priorities, we present a brief list of destinations that currently offer exceptional opportunities:


Adjacent to the United States, Mexico has long been favored by American teachers due to its convenient location. The thriving tourism industry and prospects of higher-paid jobs in the USA make Mexico a sought-after destination. Private language centers and private tutoring opportunities provide avenues for employment. While average teacher salaries may not be as high compared to other regions, the relatively low cost of living often balances it out. One of Mexico's many attractions is the relatively lenient requirements for securing teaching positions, often not necessitating a degree.

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Stretching along the Pacific coast of South America, Chile has remained a popular destination in Latin America. With a well-developed infrastructure and ranking high on measures of economic and social stability, Chile offers ample teaching opportunities, particularly in the capital city of Santiago, home to approximately 40% of the country's population. Smaller job markets are also present for those seeking less urban environments. Generally, a degree is not a strict requirement for securing teaching positions, and work visas are relatively accessible. Chile has proven itself as a reliable and rewarding destination for teaching English abroad, promising excitement and adventure regardless of your length of stay.

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Costa Rica

Despite its smaller size, Costa Rica stands out in terms of English teaching jobs. It boasts one of the most democratic and stable environments in the region, investing significantly in its education system. These factors contribute to Costa Rica's appeal as a teaching destination. While the capital city of San Jose and surrounding areas offer the most job opportunities, the country's resort areas also present viable options. However, popular locations tend to be competitive, possibly requiring prior experience or higher qualifications. Additionally, Costa Rica's tropical climate, pristine beaches, lush jungles teeming with wildlife, and relaxed approach to work visas for foreign teachers make it an enticing choice.

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Despite its troubled past, Colombia is experiencing a thriving present and promising future. The country's booming tourism industry drives the growing demand for English language teachers. While average salaries may not be particularly high due to the young teaching market, the low cost of living helps to balance it out. Private language schools form the primary employers throughout the country, with numerous opportunities available in major cities and tourist areas. Since it is an emerging job market, many positions are not advertised online, making it advisable to visit the country first and search for jobs upon arrival.

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With its distinctive European-influenced culture, breathtaking natural landscapes, and laid-back lifestyle, Argentina has always been a popular choice for teaching English abroad. The capital city of Buenos Aires exemplifies the country's multicultural charm, attracting immigrants from around the world since the 19th century. The city's diverse architecture and vibrant cultural scene offer an immersive experience. Private language schools are the primary employers of foreign teachers, while businesses often hire TEFL qualified teachers for business English lessons. Private tutoring is also common. Argentina's allure extends far beyond work, as the country presents endless opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

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While we have highlighted the above five destinations for teaching English in Latin America, numerous other countries in the region warrant consideration. Conduct online research to identify locations that resonate with your preferences and commence your plans. There is no time like the present to embark on an English teaching adventure in Latin America!

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