What are TEFL accreditation bodies?

The growing demand for English language learning has resulted in a surge of TEFL certification providers. Given the somewhat lax regulation within the TEFL industry, potential candidates must exercise due diligence when selecting a provider. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to verify a program's legitimacy, with the initial focus being on independent accreditation. TEFL courses accredited by a third-party institution denote their academic standards have been comprehensively assessed and endorsed.

How can I check that TEFL courses are accredited?

Before choosing a TEFL course, it is advisable to thoroughly investigate the provider's legitimacy. Start with their website, looking for official accreditation badges and pages dedicated to program validation. Reputable TEFL organizations typically prominently display their third-party accreditations. However, beware that some unscrupulous businesses might establish their own unrecognized accrediting bodies, potentially compromising the value of their certificates.

An additional method to ascertain a TEFL course's authenticity is to explore feedback from previous students. Social media, teaching forums, and blogs often contain ample information, as course participants are keen to share their experiences. If the course is accredited and feedback is predominantly positive, you can expect a high standard of training, paving the way for your teaching career.

Who accredits TEFL courses at ITTT?

Our TEFL courses are endorsed by several esteemed institutions within the TEFL community. To attest to our superior teaching standards, we maintain affiliations with Lamar University (USA), the Paris College of International Education (France), the Teacher Training Council, and the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL). These organizations have scrutinized our online and in-person TEFL certification programs. You can find more details on our accreditations and affiliations page.

Where to find feedback on ITTT’s TEFL courses?

We take great pride in the abundant positive reviews from our graduates that are available for you to view online. Additionally, our customer service managers are always ready to assist if any issues arise. Written testimonials can be found via the following independent resources:

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