Do I need a TEFL / TESOL certification to teach English overseas or online.

If you're contemplating TEFL /TESOL certification , you're likely curious about the prerequisites for teaching English overseas or online. Factors such as the type of TEFL / TESOL certification needed, educational background, teaching experience, and whether you're a native or non-native English speaker are pivotal.

Generally, there are only two requirements: Being a Native or near Native English speaker and a TEFL / TESOL certificate. In some countries a third requirement is a Degree.

TEFL / TESOL certification is often a fundamental requirement for teaching English overseas. Employers will often expect to see that you have completed a 120-hour TEFL / TESOL certificate course .

Some employers may also seek specialized certifications, such as a course that additionally includes:

Why get a TEFL / TESOL certificate from a reputable course provider.

Employers invariably seek trained and qualified educators. Therefore, nearly all teaching positions overseas or online necessitate TEFL / TESOL certification, with rare exceptions for individuals possessing education degrees or state teaching licenses from their home countries.

Choosing the appropriate certification for teaching English overseas necessitates careful consideration. Ensure the institute offering the certification is reputable and accredited by distinguished external bodies. Obtaining at least a 120-hour TEFL certificate is recommended. Incorporating specialized qualifications as listed above is also a good consideration. These measures not only enhance employability but can also lead to better remuneration opportunities and long-term career prospects in the field of TEFL.