How much is TEFL certification in the UK?

The UK, being an English-speaking nation, produces a considerable number of TEFL certified teachers who find employment in various countries worldwide. However, due to the high cost of living, many opt for online TEFL training or pursue it in a foreign center, where operational costs are lower and there is a high demand for qualified instructors. Interestingly, most first-time UK teachers usually venture overseas for initial job opportunities as experienced teachers returning from abroad typically secure the available positions within the UK.

How much does an in-class TEFL course cost in the UK?

Economic circumstances have led to a reduction in the availability of in-person TEFL courses in the UK compared to a few years ago. Nonetheless, there is still a broad array of options in diverse locations at different prices. The course design may vary from provider to provider, making it difficult to give a precise cost. A course might involve daytime attendance over a weekend or be a four-week residential program. If you are seeking a comprehensive TEFL course yielding globally recognized certification, anticipate an expenditure of around $2,000 US, plus accommodation and living expenses.

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Should I look overseas for my TEFL course?

Given the cost-prohibitive nature of UK-based in-person courses, many trainees opt for international courses where the initial fees are lower, and living expenses during the course are significantly less. One particularly popular destination is Asia, where thriving job markets make it relatively easy to secure employment post-course, and living and training costs are generally more affordable. Countries like Cambodia, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam have robust TEFL markets, and the training cost is considerably less than in the UK. Europe and Latin America also present popular options for in-person TEFL courses.

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What about taking a TEFL course online?

Despite the invaluable hands-on training and teaching practice offered by in-person courses, along with the almost assured local job opportunities post-course, online TEFL courses are a viable alternative when budget constraints exist. Various online course providers offer a wide range of options, ensuring you should find something that aligns with your goals and budget. At ITTT, we offer an array of online courses to accommodate everyone.

We suggest our 120-hour TEFL certification course for an entry-level certification that qualifies you for most conventional English teaching jobs.

For those aiming at high-level positions now or in the future, our 370-hour Diploma in TESOL, inclusive of the initial 120-hour course, is recommended.

For a comprehensive overview of all our online courses, please visit our online TEFL course page.

Does ITTT offer in-class TEFL courses in the UK?

While ITTT has offered an in-person TEFL course in the UK for many years, the recent pandemic led to its discontinuation and it is yet to be revived. However, we currently provide in-person courses in various exciting locations worldwide. These locations typically have a strong demand for TEFL certified teachers, and most graduates secure good teaching jobs shortly after course completion. Our in-person course is currently available in fascinating countries like Argentina, Colombia, Egypt, France, Italy, Spain, Thailand, the USA, and Vietnam, among others.

Take a look at our in-class TEFL course page for full details of all our training centers.