Perfect English (PE)

PE 2018

At Perfect English (PE), our motto is “Quality Education First” and its at the core of everything we do as a school. Our founders, Jack and Janet Murray, began the school in January 2002, it was because they believed English teaching in China could be improved. As an after-school program they saw a need to offer “quality” education, using native speakers, thus providing students with access to better oral English and improved language skills. Back in 2002, English after-school programs were rarely offered by native speakers, additionally in the Chinese public schools spoken English was just a minor part of what was taught. As trained educators, the Murray’s used their background to initiate a program of:

  • An English ONLY environment
  • Qualified native speaking instructors
  • A proven curriculum with a strong emphasis on phonics

Over time this methodology has been very effective and has kept our school in business and growing. We began with a single location, we now have 10 locations in Changchun and a teaching staff of over 25 native speakers. Although our founders are no longer with the company their philosophy lives on and it’s what sets us apart from other after-school programs.