Improx Training Academy

Improx Training Academy

ImproX Training Academy has Tie-up with some of the best companies both locally and Internationally and also has a Very Good Placement Team, so that each and every Trainee will receive an Opportunity to enter the working class value chain.

We are a student centered institution that seeks to educate, empower and entertain academic minds! Whilst finding creative solutions to eradicate the scarcity of access to Education in our communities.

Tertiary education must be accessible to all students in all walks of life!

Improx Training Academy is dedicated to its student’s success and strives to eradicate the half measures taken in mediocre circles to curb youth unemployment, subscribed to a can attitude and backed with an entrepreneurial background, Improx Training Academy students have an opportunity to receive years of experience and practical solutions to the world’s number one tragedy, poverty.

The job market is highly competitive these days, according to a study put together by the South African Labor and Development Research Unit, people who have a University Degree or College Diploma earn more on average 2.5 times more than people who do not have tertiary education.

For anyone wishing to give their child a chance for a better future, it is important to avail for them an opportunity to study at a university or college. Whilst many of us may be aware of the importance of education, we often underestimate the costs of tertiary education and never get ready in time for them.

At Improx Training Academy we understand these issues which is why we have partnered with Institutions that are like minded in order to bridge this gap.