IAcademy Education

 IAcademy Education

ICan is a Canada based online ESL company committed to transforming ESL learners into dynamic, confident English speakers. ICan offers Speaking Classes, Writing Classes, and IELTS preparation courses.

Ican Speaking: Young students of speaking and conversation are given interactive playful lessons with new vocabulary, phrases, and games. Our teachers are there to help guide their pronunciation, correct their mistakes, and to create as much conversation as they can from what the student has given them.

Mid-level and more advanced students use an interactive but less playful program which is more based on the conversational aspect of English. Along with grammar, the students are regularly prompted by the course material to speak on the different subjects introduced. Each lesson begins with a regular chat with their teacher about whatever they want to talk about that day, just as you might chat with a friend or family member to go to visit. In these lessons students are likely to be taught new vocabulary in the context of these conversations that the teacher will introduce themselves because these words fit with what the student is wishing to speak about.

Ican Writing: The ICan Writing course teaches students essay writing and stories. Our teachers create fun activities out of materials which make practicing a student’s writing and vocabulary feel like play. Students also get direct, detailed, and encouraging personal feedback on their homework every week which gives them the upmost opportunity to improve and gain more and more confidence in their writing.

With the ICan writing program students have two course options the Academic Program, and the Academic and Novel Writing program.

Ican IELTS preperation: At Ican English we are quite familiar with the IELTS aptitude test and our IELTS professional employees have a program designed specifically to help clients get the test score they need. There are two options: Full test focus, and Spoken Test Specialty Focus.

This program uses real material from past tests to have students practice speaking, writing, reading, and listening. These one to one online lessons include homework that will be corrected and given feedback on weekly