ITTT's TEFL / TESOL Course Levels

There are a number of National Qualification Frameworks (NQFs) worldwide. The USA, UK, Europe and Australia, for example, all have their own system.

The general features of the frameworks relate to a number of factors, typically including:

  1. The number of hours of study
  2. The type of certification
  3. If there is a practical component to the training
  4. The mode of study being full time or part time.

Combining a number of features from frameworks around the world, the ITTT Qualification Framework is indicated as follows:


ITTT level 3 certificates


ITTT level 4 certificates


ITTT level 5 certificates


ITTT level 6 certificates


ITTT level 7 certificates


*Please note that these course levels are not an official TEFL/TESOL grading system and should only be used as a guide that allows you to compare our different courses based on the criteria stated above.