ITTT's Certificate Legalization and Authentication Options

ITTT offers a full range of certificate legalization and authentication options. Some course graduates are informed that their certificate should be authenticated, legalized, apostilled or validated. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a consistent or clear definition of exactly what is required here, so we suggest several options. You should present these options to the people or authorities that are requesting the certificate additions, so they can advise you which one would be acceptable to them.

1. Online verification

The first verification method is quick and easy, and is free of charge. Your employer or the local education authority may only need to verify that the certificate is genuine, in which case ITTT offers employers a certificate verification service for ITTT course graduates.

They can visit our verification page to confirm the authenticity of your certificate. All they need to do is enter your certificate number and your name should appear, along with your course graduation date.

2. Notarized copy

A notarized copy may be all that is required. We can offer that service via a Notary Public in Thailand, where the certificates are printed. We would take your printed certificate to a Thai Notary Public, who will make a copy of the certificate and stamp and sign the copy as a true representation of the original document. We would then send that copy out to you with your original certificate. The cost of this is $45 for the Notary Public fees. Notarized copy sample here.

3. Copy with registrar and notary stamps

You can have a copy made which is authenticated by the ITTT registrar as genuine, and countersigned by a Notary Public at the same time. Sample of this here, but there are no signatures for security reasons. We would take the certificate to a Thai Notary Public, who will make a copy which is then signed by the ITTT registrar. He then validates the registrar’s signature then stamps and signs the copy and attaches his seal. The cost of this is $95 for the registrar verification and Notary Public fees, if the certificate and copy are sent via registered post.

4. Certificate summary in Chinese

If you intend to work in China, you may find that all you need is a document in Chinese that confirms the information on your certificate, with an ITTT stamp. An example of the type of document we can send you is here. The cost for a Chinese certificate summary in your name is $40. This figure includes delivery via registered post, plus a scan of the printed and stamped version. The PDF scan is sent to you via email while you’re waiting for the original to arrive in the post.

5. PUIE (Paris University of International Education)

Students may request a Paris University of International Education transcript upon completion of their ITTT certificate course for a fee of $50. This has been accepted in many cases as sufficient.

6. China/Vietnam Embassy/Consulate Legalization

If you have confirmed 100% with the relevant authorities that none of the previous alternatives will be acceptable to them, then we would suggest using the services of a partner organisation in the USA.

Their cost for your certificate to be authenticated and legalized by the Chinese embassy is $US170 + return shipping, the cost of which will depend on the destination. The same service at the Vietnamese embassy is $185 + return shipping. They may or may not need you to ship the original document to them.

*Note that ITTT does not guarantee that any of the alternatives listed here will be accepted by the authorities requesting verification of your certificate, which is why we suggest you contact them first to offer them these alternatives before submitting any payment to us.